2019 MSCN Catalogue Professional Motorsports Gear - Page 76

section 6 We offer a comprehensive range of Stäubli quick release couplings. Applications include - shock absorbers, brake and hydraulic lines, quick-release couplings for fuel, lubrication and coolant lines. They are available in aluminum and titanium, are extremely lightweight and designed for safety. Both SPH and SPT couplings are non-drip and the clean break feature guarantees a secure connection and the integrity of fl uids. FIA approved. INDEX Dry Break Couplings 76 Quick Release Couplings 77 SPH Series 76 Breakaway Couplings 77 RMI Series 78 SPT Series 77 EA Couplings 78 Seal Types 76 True Dry Break Couplings 76 True Dry Break Couplings - SPH Series True Dry Break Couplings for: Shock Absorbers, Brakes, Hydraulic Lines, Lubrication and Coolants. COLOURS AVAILABLE The fl ush face design ensures no air inclusion into the system when connecting as well as no leakage when disconnecting. This eliminates the need to purge the system and permits the use of pre-fi lled hose. RED GOLD TECHNICAL CHARACTERISTICS 2 TYPES OF SEAL - IMPORTANT For Brake Fluid Ethylene Propylene (EPOM) Coupling Colour For Oils, Mineral Greases, Nitrogen & Gasoline Fluorocarbon (FPM) Coupling Colour SPH 03/BA SPH 03 Series PLUG - JIC MALE THREAD - ALUMINIUM SPH 05/BA SPH 08/BA Flow diameter (ins) 1/8" 13/64" 5/16" Cross section (in 2 ) 0.011 0.030 0.078 Shutoff system Double Double Double Max Operating Pressure (psi) 2900 2320 1160 SOCKET - JIC MALE THREAD - ALUMINIUM PART NUMBER SIZE SEAL OZ L BM-SPH 03.7652/KRJE -3 EPOM 0.42 BM-SPH 03.7652/KRJV -3 FPM BM-SPH 03.7652/KJJV -3 FPM BM-SPH 03.7653/KRJE -4 EPOM COLOUR PART NUMBER SIZE SEAL OZ L 0.47” BM-SPH 03.1652/KRJE -3 EPOM 0.39 0.47” COLOUR 0.42 0.47” BM-SPH 03.1653/KRJE -4 EPOM 0.42 0.55” 0.42 0.47” 0.42 0.63” SEAL TYPES it is important you pick the right kind Staubli SPH series is colour coded to help RED for Brake Fluids SEAL TYPE EPOM SEAL TYPE GOLD for Oils, Mineral Greases, Nitrogen & Gasoline FPM 76 MOTORSPORT CONNECTIONS SOCKET - PANEL MOUNT - JIC MALE THREAD - ALUMINIUM PART NUMBER SIZE SEAL OZ L BM-SPH 03.2652/KRJE -3 EPOM 0.49 0.94” BM-SPH 03.2652/KJJV -3 FPM 0.49 0.94” WEBSITE www.mscn.com.au EMAIL orders@mscn.com.au COLOUR