2019 MSCN Catalogue Professional Motorsports Gear - Page 70

section 3 Assembly Equipment Assembly Gear Fully Adjustable Crimping Machine The 1HP - 15A ValPower pump makes fast crimps anywhere in your shop or race hauler. It’s small footprint - only 11” wide, 14” long base and 19” high, allows it to be placed anywhere on your bench. The fully adjustable direct reading micrometer style crimp adjustment accommodates a wide range of hose and fi ttings or cables for precise crimp diameters. • Automatic low voltage shut-off assures precise crimps time after time • Easily removable pusher and split dies make bent tube and special fi ttings easy to get into the crimper • A pneumatic remote switch can be operated by hand or foot with no electrical wires • 35 ton maximum cylinder force, 125 lb. Machine weight, 1 HP pump • 240 Volt ready for Australia & New Zealand. CRIMPER PART NO. DESCRIPTION BM-CRIMPER Ssupplied with the following Expanders: Smooth Bore: -3, -4 PROGold: -6, -8, -10, -12, -16 DIE SETS 70 PART NUMBER DESCRIPTION BM-100724-06-BM APPLICATION AR HOSE SB HOSE Crimp Die 6mm --- -02 BM-100724-08-BM Crimp Die 8mm --- -03 BM-100724-09-BM Crimp Die 9mm --- -04 BM-100724-12-BM Crimp Die 12mm --- -06 BM-100724-14-BM Crimp Die 14mm -06 --- BM-100724-16-BM Crimp Die 16mm -08 -08 BM-100724-19-BM Crimp Die 19mm -10 --- BM-100724-22-BM Crimp Die 22mm -12 --- BM-100724-29-BM Crimp Die 29mm -16 --- BM-100724-34-BM Crimp Die 34mm -20 BM-D105/KIT-3-16 Die Kit BM-100813-01-BM Replacement Pusher -6 crimp die --- -3 to -16 dies REPLACEMENTS --- Assembly Tools A full range of tooling and fi xtures are available for the quick and reliable manufacture of complete hose assemblies. DON’T FORGET TO CHECK OUT OUR GREAT RANGE OF TOOLS ASSEMBLY TOOLING AR HOSE BM-24-0003-06 -06 MOTORSPORT CONNECTIONS See page 191... WEBSITE www.mscn.com.au EMAIL orders@mscn.com.au