2019 MSCN Catalogue Professional Motorsports Gear - Page 60

section 3 PROGold Series Metric Female Hose Ends 45° Straight BLUE BLACK Aluminum BLUE SIZES Hose Thread BLACK Aluminum SIZES Hose Thread BM-AC-06-ST-M14-3 BMB-AC-06-ST-M14-4 -06 M14 x 1.50 BM-AC-06-45-M14-3 BMB-AC-06-45-M14-4 -06 M14 x 1.50 BM-AC-06-ST-M16-3 BMB-AC-06-ST-M16-4 -06 M16 x 1.50 BM-AC-06-45-M16-3 BMB-AC-06-45-M16-4 -06 M16 x 1.50 BM-AC-08-ST-M18-3 BMB-AC-08-ST-M18-4 -08 M18 x 1.50 BM-AC-08-45-M18-3 BMB-AC-08-45-M18-4 -08 M18 x 1.50 BM-AC-10-ST-M22-3 BMB-AC-10-ST-M22-4 -10 M22 x 1.50 BM-AC-10-45-M22-3 BMB-AC-10-45-M22-4 -10 M22 x 1.50 BM-AC-12-ST-M26-3 BMB-AC-12-ST-M26-4 -12 M26 x 1.50 BM-AC-12-ST-M30-3 BMB-AC-12-ST-M30-4 -12 M30 x 1.50 BM-AC-16-ST-M30-3 BMB-AC-16-ST-M30-4 -16 M30 x 1.50 90° BLUE BLACK Aluminum SIZES Hose Thread BM-AC-06-90-M14-3 BMB-AC-06-90-M14-4 -06 M14 x 1.50 BM-AC-06-90-M16-3 BMB-AC-06-90-M16-4 -06 M16 x 1.50 BM-AC-08-90-M18-3 BMB-AC-08-90-M18-4 -08 M18 x 1.50 BM-AC-10-90-M22-3 BMB-AC-10-90-M22-4 -10 M22 x 1.50 BM-AC-12-90-M30-3 BMB-AC-12-90-M30-4 -12 M30 x 1.50 These Hose Ends use an INVERTED SEAT. Common uses include industrial applications and in many European cars etc... Spigot Hose Ends For use with a machined spigot or beaded tube as shown and are designed for low pressure applications such as fuel, water and oil that operate at less than 100 p.s.i. 90° Straight BLUE BLACK HOSE SIZE --- -06 BLUE Aluminum BM-AC-06-0009-00 BLACK HOSE SIZE BM-AC-06-0009-90-3 BMB-AC-06-0009-90-4 -06 BM-AC-06-0023-90-3 BMB-AC-06-0023-90-4 -06 Aluminum Machined Spigot B A B A 'O' Ring 'A' diameter should be matched to the nominal tube or spigot size. 'B' diameter should be matched as tightly as possible. NOTE: DO NOT use with a plain tube. Beaded Tube 60 MOTORSPORT CONNECTIONS WEBSITE www.mscn.com.au EMAIL orders@mscn.com.au