2019 MSCN Catalogue Professional Motorsports Gear - Page 51

section 3 PROGold Series PROGold Hose Ends - AN Female (continued) 120° 90° Block Elbow BLUE BLACK BLUE SIZE BLACK SIZE Aluminum Aluminum BM-AC-06-B-H3 BMB-AC-06-B-H4 -06 BM-AC-06-P3 BMB-AC-06-P4 -06 BM-AC-08-B-H3 BMB-AC-08-B-H4 -08 BM-AC-08-P3 BMB-AC-08-P4 -08 BM-AC-10-B-H3 BMB-AC-10-B-H4 -10 BM-AC-10-P3 BMB-AC-10-P4 -10 BM-AC-12-P3 BMB-AC-12-P4 -12 BM-AC-16-P3 BMB-AC-16-P4 -16 BM-AC-20-P3 BMB-AC-20-P4 -20 BM-AC-06-P7 --- -06 BM-AC-08-P7 --- -08 150° Stainless Steel Stainless Steel with Aluminum Nuts BM-AC-06-P7-3 BMB-AC-06-P7-4 -06 BM-AC-08-P7-3 BMB-AC-08-P7-4 -08 Crimp Collars supplied with these fi ttings See page 59 for replacements if needed BLACK SIZE BM-AC-06-R3 BMB-AC-06-R4 -06 BM-AC-08-R3 BMB-AC-08-R4 -08 BM-AC-10-R3 BMB-AC-10-R4 -10 BM-AC-12-R3 BMB-AC-12-R4 -12 BM-AC-16-R3 BMB-AC-16-R4 -16 BM-AC-06-R7 --- -06 BM-AC-08-R7 --- -08 Standard with Blue Fittings Gold Standard with Stainless Fittings Stainless Steel BM-AC-06-R7-3 BMB-AC-06-R7-4 -06 BMB-AC-08-R7-4 -08 Reducer Fittings BM-AC-16-12-R3 BMB-AC-16-12-R4 Hose Size Nut Size -16 -12 PROGold Hose Ends - AN Male Straight BLUE BLACK SIZE BM-AC-06-J3 BMB-AC-06-J4 -06 BM-AC-08-J3 BMB-AC-08-J4 -08 BM-AC-10-J3 BMB-AC-10-J4 -10 BM-AC-12-J3 BMB-AC-12-J4 -12 BM-AC-16-J3 BMB-AC-16-J4 -16 --- -06 Aluminum Stainless Steel BM-AC-06-J7 MOTORSPORT CONNECTIONS Black Clear Anodized Stainless Stainless Steel with Aluminum Nuts BM-AC-08-R7-3 Standard with Black Fittings SYDNEY 02 9838 7272 The ProGold Series has been designed and engineered to weigh less while still maintaining the high performance required in race cars. Safe & reliable, the inner hose is made of PTFE - a material unequalled for its high & low temperature performance & compatibility with ALL fluids used in racing. Our unique convoluting method ensures maximum flexibility with unrivalled minimum bend radius figures with no variation in performance at high or low temperature and at high pressure or extreme vacuum. All ProGold convoluted hose comes with a static dissipating liner as standard and is available in sizes -6 to -20 with a choice of either Stainless Steel, Polyester or High Temperature Polymer braid. Applications include fuel, oil, water and air systems. MELBOURNE 03 9553 4200 TOLL FREE 1800 242 910 MILLER BLUE Aluminum 51