2019 MSCN Catalogue Professional Motorsports Gear - Page 43

section 2 Filters Inline Filters - 603 Mega Series The 603 Mega Series is the newest addition to our fi lter range, measuring 2.48” OD (63mm) with a body length of 6.95” (177mm) plus the fi tting length. These have an element area of 100.6 square inches (649cm²) with a choice of 2 micron sizes. Our new unique end cap design locates the fi lter element without the need for a spring to hold it in place. Machined from quality 6061-T6 aluminium and hard anodised for maximum protection and laser engraved with the Speedfl ow logo! Designed to be used for inline Fuel and Oil applications. New sizes now available 603 MEGA SERIES - MALE BLACK SIZE 603-045-10-BLK -10 Male - Mega Series 45 Micron Inline Filter 603-100-10-BLK -10 Male - Mega Series 100 Micron Inline Filter 603-045-12-BLK -12 Male - Mega Series 45 Micron Inline Filter 603-100-12-BLK -12 Male - Mega Series 100 Micron Inline Filter 603-045-16-BLK -16 Male - Mega Series 45 Micron Inline Filter 603 MEGA SERIES -12 FEMALE PORT This fi lter has -12 Female O-Ring Ports which allows our 920 Series adapters to be used to adapt to -6,-8,-10, -12 or -16. BLACK SIZE 603-045-12P-BLK -12 Female Port - Mega Series 45 Micron Filter 603-100-12P-BLK -12 Female Port - Mega Series 100 Micron Filter 603 MEGA SERIES - M12 SENSOR PORT M12 sensor port is located on the inlet end cap of the fi lter. Can be plugged off using 814-M12 or adapted to 1/8” NPT with 912-M12-02. BLACK SIZE 603-045-PM1212-BLK -12 Male with M12x1.5 Port to -12 / 45 Micron Filter PART NO. SIZE COLOUR 603-100-PM1212-BLK -12 Male with M12x1.5 Port to -12 / 100 Micron Filter 603-500-BLK Suit 2.48” (63mm) OD Body Black Inline Filters - Scavenge Filters OTHER OPTIONS... Speedfl ow manufactures these coarse screen fi lters that are designed to be placed on scavenge lines to protect the dry sump pump from debris during a major engine failure. We offer the scavenge fi lters in a variety of sizes and options. INLINE SCAVENGE FILTERS We also do an XRP Scavenge Filter that you should check out. It’s in our Oil Systems section on page 156 90° SCAVENGE FILTER FILTERED SUMP ADAPTERS BLUE BLACK SIZE BLUE BLACK SIZE BLUE BLACK 609-00-10 609-00-10-BLK -10 609-90-12 609-90-12-BLK -12 920-10-12-FS 920-10-12-FS-BLK -10 -12 609-00-12 609-00-12-BLK -12 920-12-FS 920-12-FS-BLK -12 -12 609-00-16 609-00-16-BLK -16 920-16-12-FS 920-16-12-FS-BLK -16 -12 MOTORSPORT CONNECTIONS SYDNEY 02 9838 7272 603 SERIES FILTER BRACKET MELBOURNE 03 9553 4200 SIZE PORT TOLL FREE 1800 242 910 43