2019 MSCN Catalogue Professional Motorsports Gear - Page 40

section 2 Filters INLINE FILTERS Speedfl ow are proud to introduce their latest range of performance inline fi lters. we have invested countless hours in designing, machining and testing to ensure the best fi ltration available for the performance market. Results from fl ow and pressure testing on our 601 & 602 series fi lters surpassed our expectations, fl owing well in excess of 15gpm (53lpm) with minimal pressure loss using a -10 unit! these units are usable for applications over 3000hp! 600 Micro Series These are the smallest fi lter in our range, the body length measures 28mm (1.10”) making this perfect to place inline where space is limited or only a small fi lter is required. The body is machined from 6061-T6 aluminium with a hard anodised fi nish and fi tted with a 44 micron pleated disc screen. New sizes now available MICRO SERIES MICRO SERIES - HOSE TAIL MICRO SERIES - REPLACEMENT DISC BLACK SIZE BLACK SIZE PART NO. SIZE 600-03-BLK -3 Male 600-505-BLK 5/16” Tail CFS600-044 25mm OD - 44 Micron 600-04-BLK -4 Male 600-506-BLK 3/8” Tail 600-06-BLK -6 Male 600-08-BLK -8 Male 601 Short Series The 601 Short Series is a solution for applications that are tight on space, but still requiring high fl ow with a serviceable stainless element. This compact size measures 1.75” OD (45mm) with a body length of 3.825” (97mm) plus the fi tting length. Machined from quality 6061-T6 aluminium and hard anodised for maximum protection and laser engraved with the Speedfl ow logo! The element has a 21.31 sq inch area available in 4 micron sizes. -6 SHORT SERIES -10 SHORT SERIES -12 SHORT SERIES BLACK SIZE BLACK SIZE BLACK 601-010-06-BLK -6 / 10 Micron 601-010-08-BLK -8 / 10 Micron 601-010-10-BLK -10 / 10 Micron 601-010-12-BLK -12 / 10 Micron 601-040-06-BLK -6 / 40 Micron 601-040-08-BLK -8 / 40 Micron 601-040-10-BLK -10 / 40 Micron 601-040-12-BLK -12 / 40 Micron 601-065-06-BLK -6 / 65 Micron 601-065-08-BLK -8 / 65 Micron 601-065-10-BLK -10 / 65 Micron 601-065-12-BLK -12 / 65 Micron 601-100-06-BLK -6 / 100 Micron 601-100-08-BLK -8 / 100 Micron 601-100-10-BLK -10 / 100 Micron 601-100-12-BLK -12 / 100 Micron BLACK -8 SHORT SERIES SIZE 601 Metric & Check Valve Series The 601 Short Series are also available with M12 inlet or M18 outlet ends making it suitable for applications such as aftermarket fuel pumps. We have also integrated our check valves into the inlet side of our fi lter range to make this a multi purpose unit to save space and fi ttings. Available in -6, -8 and M12 x 1.5 metric to suit aftermarket fuel pumps. Add the Add your required micron size to the part number, fi lters come complete ready to run! required micron size to the part number where the *** appear. METRIC SERIES - M12 INLET 40 SIZE METRIC SERIES - M18 OUTLET CHECK VALVE SERIES BLACK SIZE BLACK SIZE 601-***-M1206-BLK M12 x 1.5 to -6 Male 601-***-M1806-BLK M18 x 1.5 to -6 Male BLACK SIZE -6 Check Valve to -6 Male 601-***-M1208-BLK M12 x 1.5 to -8 Male 601-***-M1808-BLK M18 x 1.5 to -8 Male 601-***-61006-BLK 601-***-M1210-BLK M12 x 1.5 to -10 Male 601-***-M1810-BLK M18 x 1.5 to -10 Male 601-***-61008-BLK -8 Check Valve to -8 Male 601-***-M1212-BLK M12 x 1.5 to -12 Male 601-***-M1812-BLK M18 x 1.5 to -12 Male 601-***-61206-BLK M12 x 1.5 Check Valve to -6 601-***-61208-BLK M12 x 1.5 Check Valve to -8 MOTORSPORT CONNECTIONS WEBSITE www.mscn.com.au EMAIL orders@mscn.com.au