2019 MSCN Catalogue Professional Motorsports Gear - Page 39

section 2 Weld-Ons Weld on Necks & Caps We have manufactured more weld necks in steel and stainless to suit our aluminium caps. If you are fabricating a tank, we have a cap to suit! Caps are supplied as Raw, add colour behind part number if you require an anodised version. SPECIFICATIONS RAW CAP BLUE CAP BLACK CAP RED CAP PART NO. NECK I.D. CAP CAP O.D. HEIGHT Aluminium 460-16 460-16-BLUE 460-16-BLACK 460-16-RED 460-16 25mm (1”) Aluminium 44mm 28mm Aluminium 460-24 460-24-BLUE 460-24-BLACK 460-24-RED 460-24 38mm (1.5”) Aluminium 57mm 30mm Aluminium 460-32 460-32-BLUE 460-32-BLACK 460-32-RED 460-32 52mm (2”) Aluminium 70mm 30mm Steel 460-16-S 460-16-S-BLUE 460-16-S-BLACK 460-16-S-RED Steel 460-24-S 460-24-S-BLUE 460-24-S-BLACK 460-24-S-RED Steel 460-32-S 460-32-S-BLUE 460-32-S-BLACK 460-32-S-RED Stainless Steel 460-16-SS 460-16-SS-BLUE 460-16-SS-BLACK 460-16-SS-RED Stainless Steel 460-24-SS 460-24-SS-BLUE 460-24-SS-BLACK 460-24-SS-RED Stainless Steel 460-32-SS 460-32-SS-BLUE 460-32-SS-BLACK 460-32-SS-RED NECK & CAP WITH ROLL OVER VALVE 460 Series cap with 613-06 vent valve / roll over valve installed. PART NO. WELD NECK / COLOR 460-32-RV Aluminium/Raw 460-32-RV-BLK Aluminium/Black REPLACEMENT WELD NECKS REPLACEMENT CAPS PART NO. COLOUR ALUMINIUM STEEL STAINLESS STEEL C4600-16 Raw - Standard Custom Colours Blue, Natural, Black, Red. C460-16-D C460-16-S C460-16-SS C460-24-D C460-24-S C460-24-SS C460-32-D C460-32-S C460-32-SS C4600-24 C4600-32 WELD ON NECKS WITH ALUMINIUM CAPS WELD NECK REPLACEMENT O-RINGS PART NO. APPLICATIONS 905-16 Suit 460-16 Cap 905-24 Suit 460-24 Cap PART NO. PRESSURE 905-32 Suit 460-32 Cap 462-32-16 16 psi MOTORSPORT CONNECTIONS SPEEDFLOW RADIATOR CAP SYDNEY 02 9838 7272 MELBOURNE 03 9553 4200 TOLL FREE 1800 242 910 39