2019 MSCN Catalogue Professional Motorsports Gear - Page 28

section 2 Adapters Fuel Pump, Power Steer & Oil Flare Adapters We manufacture a full range of adapters to suit standard fuel pumps, fi lters, transmission adapters, power steering pumps and racks along with other specialised adapters to suit a wide variety of automotive applications. FUEL LINES TRANSMISSION & FUEL LINES BLACK SIZE THREAD BLUE BLACK SIZE THREAD BLUE BLACK SIZE THREAD 702-06 702-06-BLK -6 7/16” -24 Inv 703-06 703-06-BLK -6 1/2” -20 Inv 704-06 704-06-BLK -6 5/8” -18 Inv 703-08 703-08-BLK -8 1/2” -20 Inv 704-08 704-08-BLK -8 5/8” -18 Inv POWER STEER LINES CARTER CARBURETTOR CHRYSLER OIL ADAPTER BLUE BLACK SIZE THREAD BLUE BLACK SIZE THREAD BLUE BLACK SIZE THREAD 705-06 705-06-BLK -6 11/16” -18 Inv 706-06 706-06-BLK -6 5/8” -20 Washer 707-10 707-10-BLK -10 3/4” -18 Inv GM GEARBOX ADAPTER 90° TRANSMISSION ADAPTER Suits most late model TH350, TH400 and TH700R. Earlier model use a 1/4” NPT (816 series) BLUE BLACK 816-06-NPS 816-06-NPS-BLK POWER STEER, FUEL & OIL LINES BLUE SIZE THREAD -6 1/4” NPS BLACK SIZE SUIT 922-6R-08-BLK -8 6R Transmission 922-ZF-08-BLK -8 ZF Transmission PUSH IN OIL ADAPTER Press fi t adapter for valve covers with 1” (25.4mm) ID rubber grommets. BLACK SIZE STYLE 708-10-50-BLK -10 1” Press Fit 708-12-50-BLK -12 1” Press Fit New sizes now available METRIC OIL SENDER ADAPTER For use of the standard sender and aftermarket gauges. Three outlets with two plugs supplied. M12, M14 & M16! PUSH IN OIL ADAPTER - SUIT NISSAN VALVE COVER ADAPTER - SUIT NISSAN Press fi t adapter to suit Nissan valve covers to replace the standard steel breather adapter. Screw in adapter to suit Nissan valve covers with a threaded hole. Will also fi t some SR20. BLACK SIZE STYLE BLACK SIZE STYLE BLACK PORT THREAD 708-08-01-BLK -8 RB20/25 Press Fit 708-10-M19-BLK -10 RB30 Screw In 810-M12-02-BLK 1/8” NPT M12 x 1.5 708-08-02-BLK -8 SR20 Press Fit 810-M14-02-BLK 1/8” NPT M14 x 1.5 708-10-01-BLK -10 RB20/25 Press Fit 810-M16-02-BLK 1/8” NPT M16 x 1.5 708-10-02-BLK -10 SR20 Press Fit 708-10-03-BLK -10 RB26 Press Fit 708-12-03-BLK -12 RB26 Press Fit FUEL PUMP INLET ADAPTER 28 MOTORSPORT CONNECTIONS WEBSITE www.mscn.com.au PART NO. INLET PORT SIZE FR495010 -8 Male -6 Female -10 FR495012 -8 Male -6 Female -12 EMAIL orders@mscn.com.au