2019 MSCN Catalogue Professional Motorsports Gear - Page 20

section 2 Hoses & Fittings SF-LITE HOSE SYSTEM - 550 SERIES SF-Lite is the newest addition to the Speedfl ow range & is the most technologically advanced hose system available! The hose has a carbon impregnated anti-static PTFE inner tube that is manufactured with a smooth-bore and convolutions on the outside which allows for improved fl exibility. Being a smooth-bore hose, there are no voids that can create turbulence or trap debris as commonly found with a fully convoluted hose. SF-Lite is available in six sizes from -4 to -16, all with a large bore size allowing greater volume to be carried at higher fl ow rates. It comes in a choice of two braid options, Aramid Fibre or Stainless Steel braid. Aramid fi bre braid is a strong, fl exible and lightweight cover that has well-known characteristics of durability and extraordinary tensile strength along with a high temperature rating. 550 SERIES Stainless Steel braid is made from 304 stainless steel and offers a much tighter bend radius along with full vacuum rating below 130°C and protects the PTFE liner against internal pressure and mechanical abuse. SF-Lite has an even higher resistance to permeation than a standard smooth-bore PTFE hose thanks to the unique manufacturing process which highly compresses the PTFE matrix ensuring a nonporous structure. This makes SF-Lite compatible with all automotive fl uids including fuels such as E85 along with refrigeration gases making it perfect for AC lines. SF-Lite utilises Speedfl ows new crimp system, and lightweight hose end series. The majority of the angled hose ends are made from our unique one piece formed bends that offer the most compact hose ends on the market with exceptional strength and allow us to achieve very light weight systems. Tefl on ® Aramid Braided Hose Speedfl ow’s light weight system starts with a black antistatic smooth bore PTFE (Tefl on®) liner tube manufactured with convolutions on the outside which makes for high fl ow with the fl exibility of a tighter bend radius than our standard 200 Series hose. We offer our light weight hose with an Aramid Fibre Braid which is light weight, abrasion and heat resistant. The working pressure rating will reduce by 1% per 1°C at temps above 130°C up to a maximum of 180°. The manufacturer does not specify this as a Vacuum rated hose. For vacuum applications use the below Stainless Steel Braided version. • Temperature Range: -70°C (-94°F) to 180°C (356°F). Tefl on® is a registered trademark of DuPont. INSIDE DIAMETER OUTSIDE DIAMETER OPERATING PRESSURE BURST PRESSURE WEIGHT PSI PSI KG/M 180° BEND RADIUS MM MM MM 6.8 9.6 900 2750 550-06 10.0 0.056 50 13.5 810 2500 0.095 -8 550-08 65 13.6 17.5 610 1850 0.135 100 -10 550-10 16.7 21.0 510 1550 0.215 120 -12 550-12 19.8 24.1 420 1260 0.250 160 -16 550-16 26.4 31.3 406 1200 0.370 220 SIZE PART NO. -4 550-04 -6 550 SERIES Tefl on ® Stainless Steel Braided Hose The Stainless Steel braided version is made from the same liner as above, utilising a 304 Stainless Steel braid which provides more rigidity and fl exibility, which is important when working in tight situations. The working pressure rating will reduce by 1% per 1°C at temps above 160°C up to a maximum of 260°. This hose is vacuum resistant up to 130° (266°F). • Temperature Range: -70°C (-94°F) to 180°C (356°F). 20 Tefl on® is a registered trademark of DuPont. SIZE PART NO. INSIDE DIAMETER MM MM PSI PSI KG/M 180° BEND RADIUS MM -6 550-206 10.0 13.5 810 2500 0.160 65 -8 550-208 13.6 17.5 610 1850 0.225 90 -10 550-210 16.7 21.0 510 1550 0.336 120 -12 550-212 19.8 24.1 420 1260 0.383 160 -16 550-216 26.4 31.3 406 1200 0.540 200 MOTORSPORT CONNECTIONS OUTSIDE DIAMETER OPERATING PRESSURE WEBSITE www.mscn.com.au BURST PRESSURE WEIGHT EMAIL orders@mscn.com.au