2019 MSCN Catalogue Professional Motorsports Gear - Page 196

section 19 Crimping Machines Crimping Machines & Assembly Gear Motorsport Connections prides itself on the quality and accuracy of our in-house hose plumbing services. We use only the best hoses and fi ttings - have them in stock and ready for your custom order. But we do realize that sometimes you need to do them yourselves... so here’s the gear you need. Fully Adjustable Crimping Machine 550 Series Crimping Machine This “go anywhere” crimping machine has the power and portability to quickly crimp our Speedfl ow 550 Series assemblies. The micrometer style adjustment allows the hose and fi tting combinations to be crimped to exact specifi cations. See page 21 In the SPEEDFLOW section for a full list of dies to suit The 1HP - 15A ValPower pump makes fast crimps anywhere in your shop or race trailer. It’s small footprint - only 11” wide, 14” long base and 19” high, allows it to be placed anywhere on your bench. The fully adjustable direct reading micrometer style crimp adjustment accommodates a wide range of hose and fi ttings or cables. • Easily removable pusher and split dies make bent tube and special fi ttings easy to get into the crimper See page 70 In the BMRS section for a full list of dies to suit PART NO. 550-500 SIZE MIN DIA. Speedfl ow crimping Machine PART NO. DESCRIPTION BM-CRIMPER BMRS Crimper & Dies Assembly Tools Also see page 70 In the BMRS section for details A full range of tooling and fi xtures are available for the quick and reliable manufacture of complete hose assemblies. PART NO. DESCRIPTION BM-24 SERIES BMRS Assembly Expander Crimping Machine Crimping Machines are available by special order only. Crimping Dies are available individually for each size and style of hose. Call for more information! 196 See page 73-75 In the XRP section for hoses & fi ttings PART NO. DESCRIPTION XH329000 XRP Crimper - Manual Hand Pump XH329100 XRP Crimper - Air over Hydraulic Pump MOTORSPORT CONNECTIONS WEBSITE www.mscn.com.au EMAIL orders@mscn.com.au