2019 MSCN Catalogue Professional Motorsports Gear - Page 195

section 19 Tapes & Adhesives Tapes, Adhesives & Sealants Speed Tape Speedflow Assembly Lube Speed Tape has multiple uses including race applications, temporary damage repairs and taping body seams to name a few. Speed Tape tears straight and easy every time and is available in eight colors as well as the popular checker-board. Speedfl ow’s Assembly Lube is a specifi cally formulated oil to lubricate aluminium and steel threads during the assembly of hose ends to performance hose. PART NO. COLOUR PART NO. COLOUR DEI 060101 Black DEI 060106 Purple DEI 060102 White DEI 060107 Green DEI 060103 Red DEI 060108 Orange DEI 060104 Blue DEI 060202 Chequered DEI 060105 Yellow PART NO. DESCRIPTION SF-LUBE Assembly Lubricant High Temperature Spray Adhesive Provides a high strength adhesion and bonds a wide variety of materials including trims, foams, fabrics and more. A specially designed three-way adjustable valve allows the user to select the spray pattern that best suits the application. Dries quickly and clear • • • • Quick Fix Tape High performance Quick Fix Tape bonds to itself and is self- curing, forming a waterproof permanent seal. It’s ideal for emergency hose repair, non-slip grip surface for tools, electrical splices and connections, serves as a temporary leak sealer, & does not leave a sticky residue after removal. Quick Fix Tape has insulating capabilities up to 8,000 volts and stretches to three times its length for a simple stretch-and-wrap application. The triangular profi le of the tape (the center is thicker than the edges) provides a smooth edge when over lapping tape. • 1 in. wide x 12 ft. rolls • Withstands temperatures from -54°C to 260°C • Seal ends of hoses, wrap wires, weatherproof connections etc. • Can be applied to wet surfaces also air / liquid tight seal • Resists solvents, oils, fuel, acids & chemical spills PART NO. COLOUR DEI 010491 Black DEI 010492 Red DEI 010493 Blue DEI 010494 Yellow DEI 010495 Grey MSCN 250mph Tape Forms a water-resistant bond High temperature resistant up to 160°F (71°C) High bonding strength for many materials. Ideal for adhering DEI Heat Screen and various Boom Mat under carpet products. PART NO. DESCRIPTION DEI 010490 Hi-Temp Spray Adhesive Heat Resistant Sealant For extreme-duty applications, Heat Resistant Sealand bonds to almost all surfaces and is an ideal method of encapsulating and protecting applications where parts must perform at high temperatures. Unlike other sealants, Heat Resistant Sealant will not sag or run on overhead or on sidewall applications. For use with fi breglass, metal, wood, rubber, plastic and more. • • • • Withstands continuous temps up to 260°C / 316°C intermittent. Made from 100% silicone and remains fl exible. Peel strength of 20lbs. Comes in a 3oz tube with applicator nozzle. PART NO. DESCRIPTION DEI 010410 Heat Resistant Sealant MoylTec Thread Sealant Single Side Polyacrylate Adhesive Tape AKA: 250MPH Race Tape By far the best tape you will ever use. A must for the tool box and its aggressive adhesive it will adhere to most clean surfaces. MoylTec 1110B is an anaerobic liquid gasket that is developed for use with metal surfaces. Penetrates into narrow gaps of metal structures and cures in the absence of air. Suitable for sealing screws and threads because it has moderate thixotropy and lubrication. Applications: Taper or parallel threads, fl ange surface. • 25mtr roll - 50mm wide Made in Australia! PART NO. COLOUR / SIZE PART NO. DESCRIPTION SMS RT250 Black TB1110B Thread Sealant - 60g tube MOTORSPORT CONNECTIONS SYDNEY 02 9838 7272 MELBOURNE 03 9553 4200 TOLL FREE 1800 242 910 TOOLS • All rolls are 2” wide x 90 feet (27.4m) long except for the Chequered which is 40 feet (12.2m) long • 125ml Bottle. 195