2019 MSCN Catalogue Professional Motorsports Gear - Page 187

section 18 Batteries & Accessories Fullriver 12V High Cranking Battery Our HC (High Cranking) series is especially used for engine starting, which requires superior cranking performance at lower temperatures for a high current discharge. They use Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) technology. Suited for repeated discharges such as running your vehicle with winches or other electrical accessories • Sealed Construction (Non-spillable Battery) • Can be fi tted with TP brass automotive adaptor • Shipped fully charged - just install and go! HC20 HC30 PERFORMANCE FEATURES • PHCA: 680A at 27°C for 5 secs • PCCA: 230A at -18°C • CCA: 310A at -18ºC • CA/MCA: 410A at 0ºC • HCA: 300A at 27ºC • Reserve capacity: 28 minutes • Short circuit current: 800A • Length: 181mm • Width: 77mm • Height: 167mm • Weight: 7kg PERFORMANCE FEATURES • PHCA: 950A at 27°C for 5 secs • CCA: 450A at -18ºC • CA/MCA: 550A at 0ºC • HCA: 635A at 27ºC • Reserve capacity: 60 minutes • Short circuit current: 1550A • Length: 250mm • Width: mm • Height: 142mm • Weight: 10kg PART NO. DESCRIPTION PART NO. DESCRIPTION FR HC20 FULLRIVER HC20 BATTERY FR HC30 FULLRIVER HC30 BATTERY HC35 HC40 PERFORMANCE FEATURES • PHCA: 975A at 27°C for 5 secs • CCA: 438A at -18ºC • CA/MCA: 525A at 0ºC • HCA: 605A at 27ºC • Reserve capacity: 50 minutes • Short circuit current: 2000A • Length: 196mm • Width: 131mm • Height:167mm • Weight: 12kg PERFORMANCE FEATURES • PHCA: 1100A at 27°C for 5 secs • CCA: 500A at -18ºC • CA/MCA: 600A at 0ºC • HCA: 700A at 27ºC • Reserve capacity: 70 minutes • Short circuit current: 2182A • Length: 250mm • Width: 97mm • Height: 192mm • Weight: 15kg PART NO. DESCRIPTION PART NO. DESCRIPTION FR HC35 FULLRIVER HC35 BATTERY FR HC40 FULLRIVER HC40 BATTERY Battery Accessories ISOLATION SWITCH (2 PIN) FUSED ISOLATION SWITCH (6 PIN) SWITCH & ISOLATION KIT The 2 pin battery isolation switch is a minimum requirement for most Australian racing events. Comes with key and ability to attach a remote pull cable if required. This 6 pin battery isolation switch is an excellent way to ensure your car will be completely shut off when you fl ick the switch. This kit includes both the Remote Pull Cable, a 6pin battery isolation switch with a Battery Switch Triangle Sticker. PART NO. DESCRIPTION PART NO. DESCRIPTION REV3100002535 Isolation Switch (2 pin) REV3100002536 Fused Isolation Switch Also look for our CELL SAVER BATTERY INSULATION KIT in the Thermal Protection section on page 112 MOTORSPORT CONNECTIONS SYDNEY 02 9838 7272 PART NO. DESCRIPTION REV3100002538 Switch & Isolation Kit REV3100002537 Remote Cable Only ...and our COOL TUBE WIRING & CABLE THERMAL PROTECTION systems on page 109 MELBOURNE 03 9553 4200 TOLL FREE 1800 242 910 MAINTENANCE • 12V battery VRLA • Can be mounted in any orientation except inverted. • Operation temperature: -15° to 50°C 187