2019 MSCN Catalogue Professional Motorsports Gear - Page 180

section 18 Radiator & Cooling Radiator Accessories STANT RADIATOR CAPS Fabricated in Australia! PART NO. PRESSURE SIZE ST10330 16 psi Large ST10333 16 psi Small PART NO. PRESSURE Large 462-32-16 16 psi ST10382 21-25 psi SPEEDFLOW RADIATOR CAP WINDSCREEN WASHER RESERVOIR RADIATOR OVERFLOW TANK Features: 660ml Capacity -4AN on Base. 6mm Mounting Spuds. Size: 75mm dia. 150mm high. Features: 1” Filler Cap. -6AN Inlet, Overfl ow & Drain. 6mm Mounting Spuds. Size: 75mm dia. 230mm high. ALUMINIUM RADIATOR NECKS O.D. SIZE APPLICATIONS 32mm 43mm Japanese Neck (Small) 40mm 57mm Standard Neck (Large) PART NO. CAPACITY PART NO. CAPACITY CA006 Winscreen Washer Reservoir CA005 1 Litre - Universal 462-02 Radiator Cover Braid I.D. SIZE 462-01 Flexible Radiator Hose Got a late model car and want to “HOT ROD” the engine bay? Perhaps you have a Rod and really want to show off your Hoses, Now you can with MSCN stainless cover braid. We are so confi dent on the quality we offer a 10 year guarantee that the braid won’t fade or become ugly like most other brands after installation. To achieve this process simply supply us your factory hoses or purchase new replacements. We will cover and return to you within the week or even the next business day. MSCN only uses Speedfl ow Econo Clamps so you can be sure of a great looking job. 180 PART NO. If you can’t fi nd a hose to suit - make up exactly what you need. This hose has been tried and tested in all forms a racing and is widely used in modern Sprint cars so you know it won’t let you down. We can even upsize the ends if you have one side at 1-1/2” and the other at 1-3/4”. FORMLINE TUBE Formline tube is a fl exible convoluted Stainless Steel tube that is perfect for custom radiator hoses. Use with silicone hose to join to your engine and radiator for a leak free show quality hose! EVANS COOLANTS Don’t forget to replace your coolant with EVANS Waterless Coolant whilst your replacing your radiator hoses. Check out page 178. PART NO. O.D. HOSE SIZE PART NO. O.D. HOSE SIZE 500-25 25mm Suit 1” 500-38 38mm Suit 1-1/2” 500-32 32mm Suit 1-1/4” 500-41 41mm Suit 1-1/2” LS Steam Vent Adaptors HOLLEY LS - 4 SINGLE OUT HOLLEY LS - 4 DUAL OUT HOLLEY LS - 4 SINGLE OUT DUAL OUT Holley LS -4 Single Out One Pair Steam Vent Adaptor Holley LS -4 Dual Out One Pair Steam Vent Adaptor Holley LS -4 Single Out with -4 Dual Out Steam Vent Adaptor PART NO. DESCRIPTION PART NO. DESCRIPTION PART NO. DESCRIPTION HO9804 Single Out One Pair HO9805 Dual Out One Pair HO9806 Single Out Dual Out MOTORSPORT CONNECTIONS WEBSITE www.mscn.com.au EMAIL orders@mscn.com.au