2019 MSCN Catalogue Professional Motorsports Gear - Page 167

section 16 Tanks, Filters & Valves Large Surge Tank Fuel Filters FUEL PRO 3.2L SURGE TANK PART NO. DESCRIPTION FUEL FILTER & WATER SEPARATOR FP100 3.2 Litre Surge Tank FP110 -6 to 9.5mm Barb Perma-Cool Fuel Filter & Water Separator ensures delivery of clean and water-free fuel. For use with diesel, gasoline, methanol, ethanol, or gasahol. Kit features cast aluminium fi lter mount, Perma-Cool 24,000 mile fi lter element and 2 x pipe plugs. • Flow Rate: up to 25gpm • Max Line Pressure: 90psi • Dual Inlet & Outlets, • Connection Size: 1/2”NPT Female • Size: 7.75” oal, 4.38” OD (197mm x 112mm) FP115 -6 to 8mm Barb FP120 Fuel Pro Mounting Plate FP130 Fuel Pro Billet Drop in Alloy PART NO. MICRON THREAD FP135 Fuel Pro Billet Weld in Mild Steel PC81794 Min 2 microns 1/2”NPT Female FP-TERM Fuel Pro Terminal Post - Pair PC81000 Replacement Filter Cartridge Kinsler Fuel Bypass & Accessories SECONDARY BYPASS SPRING KITS, SHIMS & PILL HOLDER Standard 6AN male fl are hard anodised aluminium valve, complete assembly, includes: poppet, spring and shims for gasoline and methanol. Bypass spring kits and shims available. Designed as a secondary bypass valve or idle bypass PART NO. THREAD PART NO. THREAD KI3112 -6AN Male KI3030 -6AN Male PART NO. DESCRIPTION KI3034 Shim Kit, 1 x .183”, 6 x .030” thick KI3303 Spring Kit .016, .018, .019, .021, .024” KI3304 Spring Kit .028, .032, .036, .039, .042” KI3305 Spring Kit .016, .018, .021, .024, .032” KI3720 Plastic Pill Holder 431-50-BLK Speedfl ow Endele Threaded Pill Holder Shut Off Valves BVM10 Shown with 750 Series Adapters BVAGA10 SHUT OFF VALVES - SMALL SHUT OFF - LARGE HANDLE Brass Nickel Plated Body Working Pressure: 435 PSI Temperature:-20ºC to 90ºC Threads: BSPP AN Adapters: Speedfl ow 750 Series Brass Nickel Plated, Full Bore, Working Pressure: 600 PSI Temperature:-40ºC to 170ºC, Threads: BSPP AN Adapters: Speedfl ow 750 Series PART NO. THREAD SIZE L X H BVAGA10 3/8”BSPP 105 x 60mm PART NO. THREAD SIZE L X H BVM10 3/8”BSPP 42 x 35mm BVAGA15 1/2”BSPP 135 x 70mm BVM15 1/2”BSPP 45 x 40mm BVAGA20 3/4”BSPP 155 x 80mm MOTORSPORT CONNECTIONS SYDNEY 02 9838 7272 MELBOURNE 03 9553 4200 TOLL FREE 1800 242 910 SYSTEMS QUICK DISCONNECT MAIN Hard-anodized aluminium, model: Ano-QD, 6AN male fl are, for gasoline and methanol. Spring included. Simply pull the collar back to release jet for quick adjustments to the fuel curve. Bypass spring kits and shims available. Can be used as a bypass pressure relief valve for alky or gas carburetted fuel systems when installed in a return bypass line. 167