2019 MSCN Catalogue Professional Motorsports Gear - Page 165

section 16 Valves Check Valves, Blower Relief & Turbo Adapters Speedfl ow has been manufacturing quality valves for over 25 years which have evolved into the quality parts we now have available. Our redesigned one way poppet valves have been proven to be very popular in every aspect of the performance industry! New sizes now available BLOWER RELIEF VALVES NON-RETURN VALVE - INLINE FUEL PUMP NON-RETURN VALVE These can be screwed into a Supercharger gear case or other applications that require pressure to be released. We also off the 620-504 with a 1/4” tail that is perfect for Fuel Samling. Speedfl ow’s unique one-way valves were designed with a high performance vehicles in mind. They have a spring loaded high fl ow poppet valve that seals securely to positively stop fl uid from returning! Screw directly into Fuel Pumps with a M12 x 1.5 thread to hold line pressure and make starting easier! RED/BLUE BLACK THREAD BLUE BLACK SIZE BLUE/BLACK BLACK INLET OUTLET 620-02 620-02-BLK 1/8” NPT - 610-03-BLK -3 612-06 612-06-BLK M12 x 1.5 -6 620-04 620-04-BLK 7/16”-20 610-06 610-06-BLK -6 612-08 612-08-BLK M12 x 1.5 -8 620-504 620-504-BLK 1/8” NPT 610-08 610-08-BLK -8 610-10 610-10-BLK -10 610-12 610-12-BLK -12 ROLL OVER VALVE TANK VENT / ROLL OVER VALVE TURBOCHARGER ADAPTERS We have manufactured a universal roll over valve that utilises a -12 Male thread with a -8 female thread and a stainless steel ball. This can be used with our 990-12 weld on or a 924-12 bulkhead nut with a choice of outlet from our 920 series adapters. 3/8” In-tank vent / roll over vlave has a spring- loaded ball to prevent overfl ow on fi lling. The spring can be removed if you prefer the ball to act purely as a free fl ow roll over valve. The top can be replaced with a 920 Series adapter if a hose is required to be used from the valve. Hard anodised & includes a silicone sealing O-ring. BLUE BLACK SIZE BLUE BLACK SIZE 613-12 613-12-BLK -12 613-06 613-06-BLK -6 RAW BLACK PORT HOLE CENTRES SUIT Slotted Universal 38-44mm 463-01 463-01-BLK -8 463-02 463-02-BLK -10 50.8mm 463-03 463-03-BLK -10 52.4mm Precision T3-T4 SYSTEMS Aluminium Ball Valves Speedfl ows own range of aluminium ball valves, these are lightweight, beautifully machined and anodised. Available in three body sizes and a range of sizes to suit many applications including fuel, oil water and air. XS BODY BALL VALVES SMALL BODY BALL VALVES LARGE BODY BALL VALVES BLACK SIZE BALL ID BLUE BLACK SIZE BALL ID BLUE SIZE BALL ID 650-02-BLK 1/8” NPT Female -4 650-06 650-06-BLK -6 Male -8 650-10 650-10-BLK BLACK -10 Male -12 650-03-BLK -3 Male -4 650-08 650-08-BLK -8 Male -8 650-12 650-12-BLK -12 Male -12 650-04-BLK -4 Male -4 The Speedfl ow ball valves are now available and incorporate a panel mount option as standard with the ability to connect a cable to the handle. Constructed from 6061 aluminium body, handle, adapters and ball with a stainless steel drive spindle and machined Tefl on ® seals. The XS Body ball valves utilize a stainless ball suitable for all automotive fl uids. These compact, high quality units that will perform in a high performance environment as expected from all Speedfl ow Products! MOTORSPORT CONNECTIONS SYDNEY 02 9838 7272 MELBOURNE 03 9553 4200 TOLL FREE 1800 242 910 165