2019 MSCN Catalogue Professional Motorsports Gear - Page 164

section 16 Inline Filters Individual Filter Components We now offer all of our fi lter components as separate part numbers. This is perfect for resellers as you do not have to carry all the part numbers of fi lters, so you can reduce your stock holdings and build fi lters as you require them, so you never miss out on that sale. REPLACEMENT ELEMENTS - 601 SERIES BLACK SIZE MICRON COLOUR 601-010 1.125” OD x 1.95” Long 10 Micron Green 601-040 1.125” OD x 1.95” Long 40 Micron Red 601-065 1.125” OD x 1.95” Long 65 Micron Blue 601-100 1.125” OD x 1.95” Long 100 Micron Black REPLACEMENT ELEMENTS - 602 SERIES BLACK SIZE SIZE COLOUR 602-010 1.125” OD x 3.94” Long 10 Micron Green 602-040 1.125” OD x 3.94” Long 40 Micron Red 602-065 1.125” OD x 3.94” Long 65 Micron Blue 602-100 1.125” OD x 3.94” Long 100 Micron Black FILTER BARREL - SHORT PART NO. TYPE C601-B-BLK 601 Series Filter Body AN END CAP - INLET We have redesigned the inlet caps with locating fi ngers for the element so that a spring is no longer required. PART NO. DESCRIPTION 601-06M-FE-BLK -6 End Cap - In 601-08M-FE-BLK -8 End Cap - In FILTER BARREL - LONG PART NO. TYPE C602-B-BLK 602 Series Filter Body AN END CAP - OUTLET M12 END CAP - INLET PART NO. TYPE 601-M12M-FE-BLK M18 End Cap M18 END CAP - OUTLET PART NO. END CAP O-RINGS PART NO. DESCRIPTION 601-06M-OE-BLK -6 End Cap - Out 601-08M-OE-BLK -8 End Cap - Out PART NO. DESCRIPTION 601-10M-OE-BLK -10 End Cap - Out COB-220 O-Ring - Nitrile 601-12M-OE-BLK -12 End Cap - Out COV-220 O-Ring - Viton Nitrile - Use for Methanol Viton - Unleaded Fuels & E10/ E85 FILTER BRACKET PART NO. Black 602-500-NAT Natural 601-10M-FE-BLK -10 End Cap - In 601-12M-FE-BLK -12 End Cap - In MOTORSPORT CONNECTIONS WEBSITE www.mscn.com.au COLOUR 602-500-BLK Custom anodised fi lters, Speedfl ow offers a custom anodising and engraving service. Contact us for more information. 164 TYPE C601-M18M-OE-BLK M18 End Cap EMAIL orders@mscn.com.au