2019 MSCN Catalogue Professional Motorsports Gear - Page 158

section 15 0il Filters Ryco Oil Filters Ryco # 158 Thread Seal O.D. Use this handy list to fi gure out what Block / Sandwich thread and O-ring style you have. Height Filter O.D. Ryco # Thread Seal O.D. Height Filter O.D. R14 G1- 92.00mm 133.00mm 97.00mm Z429 M20-x1.5-6H 66.00mm 86.00mm 71.00mm Z100 3/4-16-UNF-2B 72.00mm 108.00mm 93.00mm Z432 3/4-16-UNF-2B 62.00mm 86.00mm 68.00mm Z103 3/4-16-UNF-2B 70.00mm 143.00mm 82.00mm Z433 1 1/8-16-UN-2B 79.00mm 222.00mm 113.00mm Z113 1-12-UNF-2B 70.00mm 141.00mm 94.00mm Z436 M20-x1.5-6H 64.00mm 66.00mm 69.50mm Z115 3/4-16-UNF-2B 70.00mm 142.00mm 94.00mm Z442 3/4-16-UNF-2B 63.00mm 86.00mm 68.00mm Z121 3/4-14-BSP-2B 61.00mm 135.00mm 97.00mm Z443 3/4-16-UNF-2B 66.00mm 66.00mm 71.00mm Z125 3/4-16-UNF-2B 63.00mm 76.00mm 82.00mm Z444 M20-x1-6H 65.00mm 67.00mm 71.00mm Z129 1-12-UNS-2B 73.00mm 177.00mm 97.00mm Z445 M20-x1.5-6H 63.00mm 65.00mm 68.00mm Z130A M22-x1.5-6H 66.00mm 80.00mm 87.00mm Z456 M20-x1.5-6H 66.00mm 101.00mm 71.00mm Z131A 3/4-16-UNF-2B 70.00mm 143.00mm 81.00mm Z493 3/4-16-UNF-2B 63.00mm 76.00mm 82.00mm Z133 1-12-UNF-2B 70.00mm 127.00mm 94.00mm Z495 M20-x1.5-6H 63.00mm 76.00mm 82.00mm Z134 3/4-16-UNF-2B 71.00mm 142.00mm 81.00mm Z499 M22-x1.5-6H 91.00mm 99.00mm 94.00mm Z136 1-12-UNF-2B 70.00mm 142.00mm 94.00mm Z503 3/4-16-UNF-2B 72.00mm 120.00mm 94.00mm Z141 M22-x1.5-6H 70.00mm 142.00mm 94.00mm Z516 M22-x1.5-6H 70.00mm 99.00mm 94.00mm Z142A M20-x1.5-6H 66.00mm 80.00mm 87.00mm Z543 M20-x1.5-6H 71.00mm 86.00mm 78.00mm Z145A 3/4-16-UNF-2B 63.00mm 102.00mm 82.00mm Z547 M20-x1.5-6H 63.00mm 86.00mm 68.00mm Z148A M20-x1.5-6H 63.00mm 102.00mm 82.00mm Z54A 3/4-16-UNF-2B 73.00mm 180.00mm 97.00mm Z149 1"-12-UNF-2B 70.00mm 178.00mm 94.00mm Z553 3/4-16-UNF-2B 71.00mm 124.00mm 77.00mm Z150 M20-x1.5-6H 64.00mm 141.00mm 81.00mm Z56B M20-x1.5-6H 66.00mm 100.00mm 87.00mm Z154 M18-x1.5-6H 72.00mm 86.00mm 77.00mm Z57A M20-x1.5-6H 85.00mm 79.00mm 97.00mm Z155X M20-x1.5-6H 98.00mm 83.00mm 105.00mm Z581 3/4-16-UNF-2B 71.00mm 189.00mm 94.00mm Z158 3/4-16-UNF-2B 63.00mm 101.00mm 82.00mm Z585 13/16-16-UNF-2B 71.00mm 89.00mm 77.00mm Z160 13/16-16-UNF-2B 72.00mm 86.00mm 77.00mm Z587 13/16-16-UNF-2B 70.00mm 77.00mm 93.00mm Z161X M30-x1.5-6H 84.00mm 140.00mm 113.00mm Z596 3/4-16-UNF-2B 71.00mm 124.00mm 78.00mm Z162 M20-x1.5-6H 98.00mm 126.00mm 105.00mm Z600 M26-x1.5-6H 78.00mm 170.00mm 83.00mm Z170 3/4-16-UNF-2B 70.00mm 99.00mm 94.00mm Z608 M20 X 1.5-6H 71.00mm 51.50mm 77.50mm Z172 3/4-16-UNF-2B 63.00mm 102.00mm 82.00mm Z614 3/4-16-UNF-2B 71.00mm 100.00mm 78.00mm Z176 M26-x1.5-6H 71.00mm 151.00mm 105.00mm Z62 3/4-16-UNF-2B 70.00mm 121.00mm 82.00mm Z178A M20-x1.5-6H 89.00mm 99.00mm 94.00mm Z63 3/4-16-UNF-2B 70.00mm 121.00mm 82.00mm Z179 1-12-UNF-2B 98.00mm 176.00mm 105.00mm Z630 70.00mm 111.00mm 95.00mm Z182 1-12-UNF-2B 70.00mm 127.00mm 105.00mm Z632 3/4 -16-UNF-2B 71.00mm 86.00mm 77.60mm Z186 1-12-UNF-2B 70.00mm 177.00mm 105.00mm Z661 3/4"-16-UNF-2B 71.00mm 0.00mm 78.00mm Z189 1-16-UNF-2B 71.00mm 149.00mm 105.00mm Z663 M22 X 1.5 71.00mm 85.00mm 77.00mm Z23 1/2-14-BSP-2B 73.00mm 136.00mm 97.00mm Z68 3/4-16-UNF-2B 70.00mm 120.00mm 82.00mm Z24 13/16-16-UNF-2B 89.00mm 139.00mm 94.00mm Z688 13/16"-16-UNF + 71.00mm 105.40mm 77.00mm Z251 M18-x1.5-6H 66.00mm 101.00mm 92.00mm Z689 13/16"-16 O/S 71.00mm 120.50mm 77.60mm Z30 13/16-16-UNF-2B 70.00mm 142.00mm 94.00mm Z69 M18-x1.5-6H 79.00mm 72.00mm 87.00mm Z305 M20-x1.5-6H 74.00mm 143.00mm 81.00mm Z690 M20X1,5-6H 71.00mm 69.50mm 77.60mm Z312 M20-x1.5-6H 66.00mm 129.00mm 88.00mm Z692 1"-12-UNF 71.00mm 100.00mm 80.00mm Z313 M26-x1.5-6H 70.00mm 127.00mm 106.00mm Z701 M26x1,5-6H 88.00mm 126.50mm 94.00mm Z314 3/4-16-UNF-2B 70.00mm 62.00mm 82.00mm Z71 3/4-16-UNF-2B 73.00mm 79.00mm 97.00mm Z32 13/16-16-UNF-2B 70.00mm 142.00mm 94.00mm Z720 3/4"-16-UNF-2B 70.40mm 146.50mm 89.00mm Z330 M20-x1.5-6H 89.00mm 127.00mm 94.00mm Z723 3/4-16 UNF 71.00mm 100.00mm 0.00mm Z333 M22-x1.5-6H 63.00mm 102.00mm 82.00mm Z73 3/4-16-UNF-2B 70.00mm 142.00mm 82.00mm Z334 M24-x1.5-6H 81.00mm 126.00mm 105.00mm Z731 3/4-16 UNF 71.00mm 114.00mm 0.00mm Z335 M24-x1.5-6H 81.00mm 87.00mm 105.00mm Z733 M20x1.5 71.00mm 86.00mm 95.00mm 68.70mm Z336 M22-x1.5-6H 77.00mm 102.00mm 82.00mm Z734 3/4"-16-UNF-2B 62.50mm 91.50mm Z37 3/4-16-UNF-2B 70.00mm 143.00mm 82.00mm Z74 1-12-UNF-2B 73.00mm 180.00mm 97.00mm Z372 M26-x1.5-6H 70.00mm 151.00mm 105.00mm Z775 1"-12-UNF-2B 97.20mm 155.00mm 105.00mm 106.00mm Z38 3/4-16-UNF-2B 70.00mm 142.00mm 94.00mm Z777 1"-12-UNF-2B 99.00mm 150.00mm Z386 3/4-16-UNF-2B 63.00mm 76.00mm 68.00mm Z778 1"-16-UNF-2B 97.20mm 149.00mm 0.00mm Z40 13/16-16-UNF-2B 89.00mm 97.00mm 94.00mm Z793 M27x1,5 6g Male 71.00mm 142.50mm 77.00mm 82.00mm Z402 M26-x1.5-6H 91.00mm 126.00mm 97.00mm Z79A M20-x1.5-6H 63.00mm 76.00mm Z411 M20-x1.5-6H 64.00mm 86.00mm 69.50mm Z8 5/8-18-UNF-2B 73.00mm 135.00mm 97.00mm Z416 1-12-UNF-2B 70.00mm 127.00mm 97.00mm Z86 13/16-18-UNS-2B 71.00mm 135.00mm 96.00mm Z418 3/4-16-UNF-2B 71.20mm 89.00mm 77.50mm Z87A 3/4-16-UNF-2B 70.00mm 90.00mm 82.00mm Z419 1-12-UNF-2B 98.00mm 126.00mm 106.00mm Z89A 3/4-16-UNF-2B 70.00mm 99.00mm 94.00mm Z421 3/4-16-UNF-2B 72.00mm 98.00mm 95.00mm Z9 3/4-16-UNF-2B 70.00mm 139.00mm 94.00mm Z422 3/4-16-UNF-2B 63.00mm 89.00mm 77.00mm Z93 M16-x1.5-6H 70.00mm 78.00mm 82.00mm Z423 3/4-16-UNF-2B 72.00mm 124.00mm 77.00mm Z96 M16-x1.5-6H 70.00mm 99.00mm 94.00mm MOTORSPORT CONNECTIONS WEBSITE www.mscn.com.au EMAIL orders@mscn.com.au