2019 MSCN Catalogue Professional Motorsports Gear - Page 156

section 15 Components & Filters Mocal Oil Components SANDWICH BLOCK OILSTAT SANDWICH BLOCK INLINE OILSTAT Made from Die-Cast aluminium, these sandwich blocks are to suit spin-on fi lters, with a remote oil cooler. They are not supplied with a centre extension bolt. Made from Die-Cast aluminium, these sandwich blocks have a built-in thermostat set to divert oil to the cooler once the oil is at a temperature of 80°C. Made from Die-Cast aluminium, these are set to divert oil to the cooler once the oil is at a temperature of 80°C. This is a positive control for engine oil in conjunction with all types of coolers. PART NO. SEAL I.D. MO-SP1 55mm SEAL O.D. OIL PORT 74mm 1/2” BSPP PART NO. SEAL I.D. SEAL O.D. OIL PORT MO-OTSP1 55mm 74mm 1/2” BSPP See page 150 - 151 for other Sandwich Blocks / Inline Oilstats EXTENSION BOLTS PART NO. THREAD PART NO. THREAD PART NO. BYPASS OIL PORT MO-OT/2A 80°C 4 x 1/2” BSPP Female MO-OT/2C 80°C 4 x 1/2” BSPP Male BLANKING PLATE REMOTE FILTER BRACKET The blanking plate is designed to fi t the SP1 & OTSP1 sandwich blocks to convert them to a low profi le (63mm Clearance) remote adapter. It can be turned to face any direction and tightened. Made from Die-Cast aluminium, suits most fi lters with a 3/4”-16 thread and features a right to left fl ow direction with a 3/8” NPT port in the front for temp or pressure senders. Secures with 2 x 5/16” mounting holes. MO-603 M18 x 1.5 MO-625 5/8”-18 MO-604 M16 x 1.5 MO-626 M20 x 1.5 MO-605 3/4”-16 MO-632 M22 x 1.5 PART NO. SEAL I.D. SEAL O.D. THREAD PART NO. MO-609 13/16”-16 MO-632XL Extra Long MO-MO1 60mm 72mm 3/4”-16 MO-RFH1H FILTER OIL PORT TEMP PORT 3/4”-16 1/2” BSPP REPLACEMENT O-RING / SEAL MOCAL BANJO FITTINGS MOCAL BANJO BOLT Replacement O-Ring to suit all Mocal sandwich blocks The -10 banjo bolt (MO-BANJO-10) suits Mocal sandwich plates Designed to be used with the Mocal banjo bolts and screw directly into Mocal oil adapters. PART NO. SEAL I.D. SEAL O.D. MO-569A 55mm 74mm DESCRIPTION PART NO. DESCRIPTION MO-BANJO-8 -8 AN to 1/2” BSPP MO-BOLT 1/2” BSPP Bolt to suit Oil Adapters MO-BANJO-10 -10 AN to 1/2” BSPP PART NO. Inline Filters - Scavenge Filters Speedfl ow manufactures these coarse screen fi lters that are designed to be placed on scavenge lines to protect the dry sump pump from debris during a major engine failure. We offer the scavenge fi lters in a variety of sizes and options. INLINE SCAVENGE FILTERS BLUE BLACK SIZE 609-00-10 609-00-10-BLK -10 609-00-12 609-00-12-BLK -12 609-00-16 609-00-16-BLK -16 90° SCAVENGE FILTER BLUE BLACK SIZE 609-90-12 609-90-12-BLK -12 XRP INLINE SCAVENGE FILTER PART NO. DESCRIPTION XR704110 -10 Inline Scavenge Filter XR704112 -12 Inline Scavenge Filter FILTERED SUMP ADAPTERS BLUE BLACK 920-10-12-FS 920-10-12-FS-BLK for more details on our Scavenge Filters - see page 43 in the Speedfl ow section. 156 3/8” NPT MOTORSPORT CONNECTIONS 920-12-FS 920-12-FS-BLK 920-16-12-FS 920-16-12-FS-BLK SIZE PORT -10 -12 -12 -12 -16 -12 WEBSITE www.mscn.com.au EMAIL orders@mscn.com.au