2019 MSCN Catalogue Professional Motorsports Gear - Page 140

section 13 Fire Suppression Coldfi re - Fire Suppression Systems Injector Heads DJ911329 PART NO. DESCRIPTION DJ911326 Manual Lever Injector Head DJ911327 Pneumatic Injector Head with Manual Lever Override DJ911328 Standard Injector Head with Cable Bracket DJ911329 Pneumatic Injector Head DJ911255 Knob to suit Standard Injector Head Cable Assemblies DJ911328 DJ911327 DJ911326 Replacements PART NO. DESCRIPTION DJ911100 5lb Coldfi re Bottle 150cui Capacity 15” x 4-3/8” DJ911101 10lb Coldfi re Bottle 300cui Capacity 19” x 5-1/4” DJ911102 10lb Coldfi re Bottle 350cui Capacity 22” x 5-1/4” Spares PART NO. DESCRIPTION DJ911203 3ft Cable Assembly (900mm) DJ911206 6ft Cable Assembly (1800mm) DJ911209 9ft Cable Assembly (2700mm) DJ911212 12ft Cable Assembly (3600mm) DJ911250 Replacement Knob to suit Cable Coldfire Recertification Servicing MSCN is an Authorised Agent for DJ Safety to service and recertify Coldfi re Fire Suppression Systems to ANDRA Specifi cation and SFI 17.1. The process includes: We only service DOT 3AL stamped bottles. • Clean, Check Bottle Integrity & Gauge Accuracy • Refi ll Bottle with Coldfi re Agent mix & Replace burst disc & O-rings • Pressurise Bottle to Recommended Spec. & Apply new Date Tag The bottles are left to settle for 3-5 days before returning to you. 140 MOTORSPORT CONNECTIONS PART NO. DESCRIPTION DJ911319 Coldfi re Nozzle DJ911321 Nozzle Kit - 1 x Nozzle 1 x Tee 2 x Tube Nuts & Sleeve 918-04-02 Nozzle Tee - Available in Blue or Black (-BLK) 818-04 & 819-04 Tube Nut & Sleeve add Red, Blue or Black MS 440-04 Aluminium Tube - available in 12.5ft, 25ft or 50ft Bottle Brackets PART NO. DESCRIPTION DJ910405 5lb Bottle Bracket 4-3/8” Diameter DJ910410 10lb Bottle Bracket 5-1/4” Diameter WEBSITE www.mscn.com.au EMAIL orders@mscn.com.au