2019 MSCN Catalogue Professional Motorsports Gear - Page 134

section 13 Transmission Blankets / Tow Straps Transmission Blankets Auto Made from Ballistic Nylon, these trans blankets simply wrap around the case of the transmission and are held in place with buckles and forward mounting straps. Designed to contain parts within the blanket if a failure occurs. Custom blankets are made to order. Meets SFI 4.1 specifi cation. Lenco Other Transmissions Available to suit with or without reverser. All styles are available in CS1, CS2 and CS3 cases. Blankets can be made to suit almost any transmission, other styles are available - call with your enquiry. PART NO. TRANSMISSION DJ801124 2 Speed Lenco DJ801124-CS1 CS1 - 2 Speed Lenco DJ801152 3 Speed Lenco DJ801152-CS1 CS1 - 3 Speed Lenco DJ801152-CS2 CS2 - 3 Speed Lenco PART NO. TRANSMISSION TRANSMISSION DJ801016 Torque-Flite DJ801012 Powerglide DJ801122 2 Speed LencoDrive DJ801162 4 Speed Lenco DJ801013 TH350 / C4 DJ801123 3 Speed LencoDrive DJ801162-CS1 CS1 - 4 Speed Lenco DJ801014 TH400 DJ801180 2 Spd B&J “Big Boy” DJ801172 5 Speed Lenco DJ801016 Torquefl ite DJ801181 3 Spd B&J “Big Boy” DJ801172-CS1 CS1 - 5 Speed Lenco DJ801019 C4 DJ801181-SHTY 3 Spd B&J Big Boy Shorty DJ801172-CS2 CS2 - 5 Speed Lenco PART NO. DJ801152-CS2-BRUNO Bruno CS2 - 3 Spd Lenco Tie Downs & Tow Straps Attachment Straps Tiedowns 134 Made from 2” webbing with a heavy duty ratchet in two standard lengths of 8 and 12 foot. Standard colour is black, custom colours and lengths are available by special order. Call for details. Made from 2” webbing in two different styles. The Hook & Loop system are adjustable while the D ring style are a set length. Standard colour is black, call for custom colours. Slings, Straps & Hardware PART NO. DESCRIPTION DJ241201 Tow Strap - 2” x 14ft Loop & Hook DJ241220 Tow Strap - 2” x 20ft Loop 20000lbs PART NO. ATTACHMENT LENGTH PART NO. ATTACHMENT LENGTH DJ236201.8 Hook - Hook 8ft DJ237207 Hook - Loop 12-48” DJ262030 Sprint Car Torque Tube Strap DJ236201.12 Hook - Hook 12ft DJ237208 Hook - Hook 12-72” DJ263018 Drag Link 1” x 18ft Long DJ236205.8 Hook - Loop 8ft DJ237214 “D” Rings 14” DJ250000 Limit Straps 2, 3 or 4 Ply Nylon DJ236205.12 Hook - Loop 12ft DJ237224 “D” Rings 24” DJ238044 “D” Ring Floor Mount 4” x 4” 5000lbs MOTORSPORT CONNECTIONS WEBSITE www.mscn.com.au DJ264024 Engine Sling - 2 x 24” Legs Bolt-in Tabs EMAIL orders@mscn.com.au