2019 MSCN Catalogue Professional Motorsports Gear - Page 129

section 13 Hans Device Stand 21 Hans Device Club Series Club Series 3 The 20° Club Series has been developed to offer a more economical HANS for the clubman competitor in rallying and saloon car racing. While more economical it offers all the safety standards of the far more expensive versions but at a more affordable price. The Club Series device is manufactured from plastic in an injection moulded construction, but unlike other plastic Sport Devices (1160 grams) and Defnder(1200 grams) it weighs in at a much lighter 950 grams, some 30% lighter, and is only 100gm’s heavier than the Carbon Racing Series. The Club Series is FIA homologated and uses the same evolution design as incorporated on the Racing Series, making it far more comfortable to wear, and easier to use in the car due to it wider seat belt slots. Available in a two sizes that fi ts almost most medium to large drivers. Supplied with sliding tethers for full head rotation when connected to a helmet. This 20° HANS device comes in either a or Medium/Large size to suit many drivers. The Club Series 3 is very lightweight - weighing in at ony 640 grams (for the main part). It is made from a Thermoplastic injected resin reinforced with carbon fi bre and is handmade in France. It is supplied with black paddings, sliding tether and protective bag. It comes as standard with a sliding tether offering the driver more head rotation but still giving protection against whiplash injury in an accident. • FIA 8858-2010 certifi ed • High end ergonomics and comfort ... HANS POSTS Find them in our HELMETS at the beginning of this section - see page 122 PART NO. STYLE SIZE PART NO. STYLE SIZE ST21 CLUB Hans Club Medium / Large ST21 CLUB SERIES 3 Hans Club Series 3 Medium / Large HANS Helmet Posts - FIA 2010 M6 - See page 122 ST21 HANS POSTS HANS Helmet Posts - FIA 2010 M6 - See page 122 Hi Tec Carbon Series Ultimate Series The Stand 21 Hi-Tec HANS device is made from high strength carbon fi bre and complies with FIA 8858- 2002, a standard which established the criteria for optimal resistance to the forces applied to a driver’s head and neck in the sudden deceleration experienced in an impact. Exceptional ergonomics, geometrics and light weight. The Ultimate device is the world’s most evolved device to date. The all-carbon monolithic technology allows a new design for the device arms - their thickness is greatly reduced from 14mm down to 4mm which also improves the fi t between the driver and the device. The Hi-Tec HANS weighs 610 grams and comes fi tted with sliding tethers for ease of movement. STAND ST21 HANS POSTS The arched top has been re- engineered and re-designed offering a reduction of the physical thickness to below 2mm which in turn allows a reduction of helmet-to-seat / headrest space to improve safety. FIA 8858- 2010 certifi ed and supplied with sliding tethers allowing greater head motion. PART NO. STYLE SIZE PART NO. STYLE SIZE ST21 HI TEC Hans Hi Tec Extra Large ST21 HANS ULTIMATE Ultimate Medium / Large ST21 HANS POSTS HANS Helmet Posts - FIA 2010 M6 - See page 122 MOTORSPORT CONNECTIONS SYDNEY 02 9838 7272 ST21 HANS POSTS HANS Helmet Posts - FIA 2010 M6 - See page 122 MELBOURNE 03 9553 4200 TOLL FREE 1800 242 910 129