2019 MSCN Catalogue Professional Motorsports Gear - Page 122

section 13 Helmet Accessories Helmets - Accessories Helmet Strap PART NO. DJ606001 Helmet Support Helmet Skirt Attach to a D-ring on your helmet and insert into the harness to reduce the movement of the helmet under acceleration. Fully adjustable length and includes a D-ring. • Colour: Black Made from high density foam to help support the helmet and restrict movement. Two sizes, adult 16” circumference, Jr 13” circumference. Meets SFI 3.3. • Colours: Black / Blue / Red Designed to fi t to the bottom of your helmet to help keep the air inside your helmet clean while adding protection against fi re & smoke. Includes self adhesive Velcro for installation. • Meets SFI 3.3 specs. • Colours available: Black / Blue / Red SIZE PART NO. SIZE PART NO. Universal DJ070400 Universal DJ040000 Adult PXP SKIRT Universal DJ040010 Small Adult / Child / Jr HANS Posts - FIA 2010 DOES NOT include threaded backing plate. SIZE Helmet Sizing Chart • Suits SA 2010/15 Models with backing plate pre fi xed to Helmet. PART NO. STYLE ST21 HANS POST 2010 HANS Posts - FIA 2010 M6 Balaclavas White Balaclava Lid Lifter Balaclava The retrieval of a driver from a crashed car is an extremely delicate operation to be performed solely by professionals. Removal of the helmet is the one of the fi rst steps of extrication and fi rst aid. To minimise the risk of damage to the cerebral vertebrae Stand 21 have introduced this new device. Developed with medical motor racing personalities it is made of an exclusive airy fabric offering comfort, protection and also helps with perspiration. • Meets FIA and SFI 3.3 specfi cations. Available in two sizes: Small & Large Made from fl ame resistant fabric to be worn under helmets to cover the neck and chin areas • Available in a single eye port in 2-layer construction for maximum protection • Meets SFI 3.3 Specifi cation. • Colour: White PART NO. STYLE SIZE DJ062002 Single Eye Port Large Black Top Fit Balaclava Massive research and development was performed to refi ne both sides of the assembly seams of this balaclava to best fi t all heads while eliminating any hindrances that would have caused even minor discomfort. Without LID LIFTER • Meets FIA and SFI specifi cations. • Black with grey overstitching. • Get both a small or larger opening from the same balaclava • Drink straw hole. Two sizes: Small: 54-57, Large: 57+ With using LID LIFTER 122 PART NO. SIZE PART NO. SIZE ST21 LID LIFTER Black - Small & Large ST21 BALACLAVA LARGE BLACK Black - Small & Large MOTORSPORT CONNECTIONS WEBSITE www.mscn.com.au EMAIL orders@mscn.com.au