2019 MSCN Catalogue Professional Motorsports Gear - Page 118

section 12 Accoustic Products Sound Barrier Speaker Baffles Boom Mat speaker baffl es maximize speaker performance by isolating the correct frequency responses while damping reverberation in the sheet metal and panel to frame resonance. Also forms a water tight protective shell to prevent moisture intrusion. Closed cell polyethylene enhances frequency response for improved sound clarity. Isolates frequency responses and prevents sound from migrating to unfavorable areas in the vehicle such as door panels. Available in different sizes covering the most popular speaker sizes. Closed-cell polyethylene enhances frequency response for improved sound clarity. Thin material design offers less bulk for a clean and tight installation for professional fi nished appearance. Isolates frequency responses and prevents sound from migrating to unfavorable areas in the vehicle such as door panels. Serves as a protective barrier for speaker cone and voice coil against dirt and dust. Damping properties help reduce distortion for enhanced acoustical response. Closed-cell material forms a cushioned seal between speaker and mounting surface to isolate speakers from vehicle. Acts as a protective guard for exposed speakers (example: speaker components visible in trunk area). Extends speaker lifespan and protects owner’s speaker investment. • All sold in pairs Use as a barrier to refl ect and insulate from any heat source. DESCRIPTION DEI050310 Speaker Baffl es - 4” Round (6” x 6” x 3.5”) DEI050320 Speaker Baffl es - 5.25” Round (6.5” x 6.5” x 4”) DEI050330 Speaker Baffl es - 6.5” Round (7” x 7” x 3.5”) DEI050340 Speaker Baffl es - 6.75” DEI050380 Speaker Baffl es - 6 x 9” Oval Floor & Tunnel Shield II Designed to provide the best possible heat protection in areas where high temperatures are always present and problematic. It limits heat transfer on fi re walls, transmission tunnels, fl oor boards, fuel cells and other areas where heat is an issue. It also provides excellent light weight thermal protection, acts as a guard against track and road debris, and provides sound deadening as well. Constructed with an embossed 10 mil aluminum face bonded to 1/8” composite glass-fi ber core and backed with a high temp super strong pressure sensitive backing, withstands up to 1750°F of direct continuous heat. The adhesive side holds past 450°F. It’s improved multifaceted modern aluminum surface offers improved refl ectivity & rigidity and allows for ease of installation. At only 3/16” thick, this product can be shaped and trimmed for a custom fi t and is ideal for minimal clearance areas. With a unique and patented fi nely woven glass-fi bre backing it is the easiest, most cost effective way to control thermal transfer while protecting expensive components & occupants from extreme heat situations and sound. 118 DEI SPEAKER BAFFLES PART NO. Floor & Tunnel Shield II can be used on any number of surfaces including, metal, aluminum, carbon fi bre, plastic, and more. Multiple uses include: fi re walls, under hoods, transmission tunnels, fl oor pans, fuel cells, and exterior under vehicle locations – anywhere to refl ect damaging heat. • • • • • • • • • • • Blocks radiant heat from entering driver compartment Withstands direct high heat temperatures up to 1750° Serves as a barrier to unwanted road, tire, & engine noise Easy to form to shapes and contours Excellent heat & sound barrier Wind and water will not affect adhesive Minimum clearance required, only 3/16” thick Just trim, peel & stick Aggressive self-adhesive backing holds past 450°F Withstands 1750°F direct continuous heat Adheres to almost any surface or material including to fi breglass FLOOR & TUNNEL SHIELD II PART NO. DESCRIPTION DEI050507 Floor & Tunnel Sheild II 21” x 24” DEI050508 Floor & Tunnel Sheild II 21” x 48” DEI050509 Floor & Tunnel Sheild II 42” x 48” Where to use: Fire walls, Transmission tunnels, On fl oor boards above header collectors, Catalytic converters, Muffl ers and exhaust pipes, Fuel cells, Motorcycle fairings, Engine covers (dog house), Marine & RV compartments, Refl ect turbo heat MOTORSPORT CONNECTIONS WEBSITE www.mscn.com.au EMAIL orders@mscn.com.au