2019 MSCN Catalogue Professional Motorsports Gear - Page 117

section 12 Accoustic Products Sound Barrier Moldable Noise Barrier Boom Mat Moldable Barrier is a highly fl exible .5lb/ft2 sound & moisture barrier designed for those applications where Under Carpet space is limited, and the need to have an acoustical noise barrier is desired. Conforms to the shape of your chassis, or for more intricate areas, can be molded with a heat gun. Even becomes quite fl exible by simply warming the BM-MD outside on a sunny day. Can be installed as is, or used with a decoupler such as the Boom Mat Lite for increased acoustical effi ciency, an important consideration especially in the fi rewall area, or to control exhaust noise in the cabin. Blocks unwanted Road Noise when used over the entire surface area. Not a permanent installation, easily removable for service when required • Moldable, conforms to shape of your fl oor pan • Highly effective low cost alternative to using damping products only • 1/16” thick What’s in it for you... • Easy installation • Cost effective sound and moisture barrier • Custom molded fi t with heat application • Easy removal for repairs or service • Great vapor and sound barrier for door panels MOLDABLE NOISE BARRIER PART NO. DESCRIPTION DEI050103 Moldable Noise Barrier 24” x 54” (9.0sqft) DEI050104 Moldable Noise Barrier 48” x 54” (18.0sqft) Where to use: Behind door panels, Floor pans, Fire walls, Transmission tunnels, Behind back seat, Inner fender wells, Rear quarter panels, Trunk fl oors. The new Leather Look Sound Barrier is an ideal way to reduce noise and have a premium leather appearance. Available in a moisture resistant, black leather embossed wear surface features a 1 lb./ft. 2 loaded barrier and is designed for insulating trunks, door panels, fl oors, speaker boxes and package shelves – any interior area of a vehicle where a leather appearance would provide a fi nishing touch. Can be permanently installed with Boom Mat Hi-Temp Spray Adhesive or used as temporary protection in trunk and fl oor areas. Function is equally important and the new Leather Look Sound Barrier is proven to signifi cantly reduce incoming sounds caused by outside noise, troublesome rattles or squeaks, while providing a level of thermal insulation that lessens transfer of heat and cold in any climate. Available in three sizes: 24” x 48” (8 sq. ft.), 48” x 48” (16 sq. ft.) and 48” widths sold by the linear foot. Use as a second layer over Boom Mat Damping Material for the quietest ride possible with a fi nished embossed leather look. What’s in it for you... Stylish fi nished appearance • Enhances stereo performance and sound • Maximum noise control • A quiet and comfortable interior • No mould or mildew issues Features & Benefi ts • Embossed leather grain • Finishing touch for your interior • Insulate interior from unwanted heat & vibration • Moisture resistant • Heat resistant to 210°F • 5/16” thick PROTECTION Leather Look Sound Barrier LEATHER LOOK SOUND BARRIER PART NO. DESCRIPTION DEI050120 Leather Look Sound Barrier 24” x 48” DEI050121 Leather Look Sound Barrier 48” x 48” Where to use: Headliner, Rear decks, Door skins, Trunk fl oors, Floor boards, Speaker boxes, Engine cover (dog house) MOTORSPORT CONNECTIONS SYDNEY 02 9838 7272 MELBOURNE 03 9553 4200 TOLL FREE 1800 242 910 117