2019 MSCN Catalogue Professional Motorsports Gear - Page 114

section 12 Accoustic Products DEI Sound Barrier Under Hood Thermal Acoustic Lining Boom Mat’s new Under Hood Thermal Acoustic Lining was designed primarily for automotive engine compartments as a way to greatly reduce heat and noise with a simple and easy peel and stick application. Extreme engine heat and noise often is a problem with today’s modifi ed vehicles packed with high performance components. Made of ¾” thick, high quality, marine grade acoustical foam with a fi berglass reinforced refl ective aluminum skin while the 5 mil acrylic adhesive provides a permanent bond. Under Hood Thermal Acoustic Lining not only insulates the underside of the hood for sound deadening and thermal control, it also protects the vehicle’s paint fi nish. Under Hood Thermal Acoustic Lining can also be used as noise control applications such as on generator boxes and many industrial uses including HVAC applications. • Insulate from heat while reducing noise & vibration • Peel & stick application • Protects paint fi nishes • Resists oil, water and contaminants • 3/4” thick • 32” x 54” (12 sq. feet) • Cooler hood surfaces protects your paint • Reduced engine noise for passenger compartment • Easy peel and stick installation • No mould and mildew issues Where to use... • Under hoods • Generator compartments • Engine covers (dog house) • Marine engine compartments • RV engine compartments UNDER HOOD THERMAL ACOUSTIC LINING PART NO. DESCRIPTION DEI050130 Under Hood Lining 32” x 54” (12.0sqft) Boom Mat Spray-On Boom Mat Spray-On sound deadening is perfect for reducing unwanted road noise and deadening vibrations in those hard to reach places such as trunk interiors, fender wells, undercarriage, body panels, rear quarters and inside door panels to name a few. Boom Mat Spray-On also serves as a thermal barrier insulating against unwanted heat. Whether you are looking for a quiet ride by eliminating squeaks, rattles, vibrations and unwanted engine and road noise, the benefi ts of Boom Mat Spray-On sound deadening can be used on any vehicle. Boom Mat Spray-On can be applied in multiple layers for even more sound deadening while handling temperatures up to 300 degrees F. Can be applied to non-coated surfaces and can be top coated with paint after only 6 hours of dry time. Boom Mat Spray-On is VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds). • • • • • Reduce unwanted road noise and vibration Won’t crack or chip Helps prevent rust Paintable in 6 hours Single can will cover approximately 20 sq. ft. BOOM MAT SPRAY-ON 114 PART NO. DESCRIPTION DEI050220 Boom Mat Spray-On 18 oz Can MOTORSPORT CONNECTIONS WEBSITE www.mscn.com.au EMAIL orders@mscn.com.au