2019 MSCN Catalogue Professional Motorsports Gear - Page 112

section 12 Thermal Protection Component Specifi c Products Versa-Shield Constructed using an aluminised refl ective material along with a high temperature rated glass fi ber insulation barrier, Versa-Shield™ is capable of refl ecting up to 2000˚F of radiant heat. Versa-Shield is ideal for protecting starters and solenoids from potential failure caused by extreme heat and has multiple uses such as protecting master cylinders, cool cans, distributors, fuel pumps, electrical boxes to name a few. Simply wrap desired component with Versa-Shield and trim excess material. Edges attach to itself using a hook & loop edge closure design. In most cases there is no need to remove component when installing Versa-Shield. • • • • • • Withstands 500˚F of direct heat/2000˚ radiant Protective heat source barrier to prevent heat soak conditions Easy install-trim to size with scissors Can easily be removed for shows VERSA-SHIELD Starter / Universal Heat Shield PART NO. DESCRIPTION 7” wide x 24” long DEI 010402 24” x 7” Protective Matting Ultra 47 Starter Shield Designed for severe duty use, our new Ultra 47™ offers the highest level of protection. Constructed of two layers of material, a highly refl ective outer layer combined with a high heat inner layer. Able to withstand direct heat of up to 1350°F, Ultra 47™ is the perfect choice for EXTREME high heat applications where engine heat soak is a problem. • • • • • 24”L x 7”W size Hook & loop fastening system Length can be trimmed to size Protect against heat soak Prolong life of components by refl ecting damaging heat ULTRA 47™ STARTER SHIELD PART NO. DESCRIPTION DEI 010235 24” x 7” Ultra 47 Starter Shield Cell Saver - Battery Insulation Kit Batteries are very susceptible to heat and vibration that could cause premature failure and hazardous leaks. Cell Saver is very capable of damping vibration and will absorb and neutralize any damaging leaky battery acids. Cell Saver is easy to install and excess material can be trimmed to accommodate batteries of most sizes and shapes. • • • • • • Kit Includes: • 40” long x 7” insulation material • 12” x 7” treated base mat • Edge sealing tape BATTERY INSULATION KIT PART NO. DESCRIPTION DEI 010480 Battery Insulation Kit Muffler Shield The Best muffl er shield/wrap on the market. Based off our proven Floor and Tunnel II heat shield, our new Muffl er Shield is designed to wrap around just about any size muffl er. Includes our tough Stainless Steel positive locking ties for a tight secure installation. Made from 10mil dimpled aluminum with a 1/8” needle glass insulator it can be easily trimmed to fi t most muffl ers. Greatly reduces radiant heat coming off your muffl er resulting in a cooler interior and protection from damaging heat. • Greatly reduce radiant heat from muffl er • Cooler interior 112 Protects batteries from harmful radiant heat Material withstands up to 2000°F radiant heat Traps and neutralizes harmful battery acid Protects environment and your vehicle Completely safe to handle before and during installation Provides clean fi nished look with easy installation MUFFLER SHIELD PART NO. DESCRIPTION DEI 010455 Muffl er Shield 42” x 24” MOTORSPORT CONNECTIONS WEBSITE www.mscn.com.au EMAIL orders@mscn.com.au