2019 MSCN Catalogue Professional Motorsports Gear - Page 109

section 12 Thermal Protection Heat Barrier Heat Sheath - Aluminized Sleeving Designed to slide over wires, cables and hoses, Heat Sheath provides the ultimate protection from extreme heat as well as chemical and oil spills, dirt, grease and road grime. Constructed from a high temperature fabric and bonded to an aluminized material to refl ect heat. Heat Sheath is fi reproof and withstands direct heat up to 500°F. HEAT SHEATH • Pliable for tight bends PART NO. DESCRIPTION • Withstands 500°F direct / 2000°F radiant heat DEI010418 1/2” ID x 3 ft • Five popular diameters to choose DEI010403 3/4” ID x 3 ft • Trim to desired length DEI010419 1” ID x 3 ft DEI010404 1-1/4” ID x 3 ft DEI010420 1-1/2” ID x 3 ft Ultra Sheath MA Designed to be the ultimate protectection for your cables, lines, wire or hoses Ultra Sheath MA has a higher sustained heat capability up to 1100°F and is more fl exible than standard foil or bonded aluminium products. Constructed from a process that impregnates molten aluminium to the core fabric, giving it higher heat refl ective properties. It’s the perfect choice for tight high heat applications. • Can be trimmed to length • Direct heat up to 1100°F • Easy to cut and trim. ULTRA SHEATH MA PART NO. DESCRIPTION DEI010230 1/2” ID x 3 ft DEI010231 1/2” ID x 15 ft DEI010232 3/4” ID x 3 ft Aluminized Plug Wire Sheaths are constructed from high-temperature rated glass fi ber material bonded to a heat refl ective aluminized material. Plug Wire Sheaths are an inexpensive alternative for protecting specifi c areas on both ignition wire and boot locations from damaging heat generating sources. • • • • • Capable of withstanding 2000°F radiant heat Inexpensive alternative for protecting ignition wires and boots Ideal for protecting electrical wiring, harnesses, hoses, cables & more 3/4" diameter x 6" long 4 to a pack ALUMINIZED PLUG WIRE SHEATH PART NO. DESCRIPTION DEI010409 3/4” ID x 3 ft MSCN recommends using Protect-A- Wire kits for ignition leads to prevent possible crossfi re situations Cool-Tube Designed to provide the ultimate thermal protection from damaging heat, Cool Tube is designed to resist abrasions, contaminates, and condensation. Cool Tube is covered with a heat resistant glass fi ber fabric and pre-slit lengthwise eliminating the need to disconnect cables, hoses, wires or brake lines for an easy installation. • Protects wires, cables, fuel and brake lines etc... • Withstands direct heat up to 500°F • Made from convoluted nylon 6 tubing-not plastic • Reduces temperature by more than 40% PROTECTION Aluminized Plug Wire Sheath COOL-TUBE PART NO. MOTORSPORT CONNECTIONS SYDNEY 02 9838 7272 DESCRIPTION DEI010414 1/2” ID x 3 ft DEI010415 1/2” ID x 15 ft DEI010406 3/4” ID x 3 ft MELBOURNE 03 9553 4200 TOLL FREE 1800 242 910 109