2019 MSCN Catalogue Professional Motorsports Gear - Page 102

section 10 Wastegates Wastegates (continued) Internal Actuator (LWG-75) Twin Port Actuator On an internally wastegated turbo, the wastegate valve is built into the turbine housing. The wastegate valve is controlled by an internal wastegate actuator. As boost rises the actuator controls the position of the wastegate valve, which in turn controls the exhaust gas fl ow to the turbine. Like all Turbosmart parts, billet construction means they are stronger and more durable than a stock actuator, while Turbosmart’s focus on performance means boost comes on faster and holds on longer, putting you in control! The Twin Port IWG-75 uses the air-pressure differential between two sealed chambers to create a dynamic force which overcomes the mechanical spring force in the actuator. • • • • • • Base spring pressure available from 3PSI to 26PSI Stable boost control Improved boost response Flatter boost curve in the top end Serviceable with spares parts and accessories A range of vehicle/turbo specifi c applications • More precise boost curve and wider range between minimum and maximum boost compared to conventional single-port actuators • Ideal for traction-limited applications where precise control is important, such as frontwheel-drive or drag racing vehicles • Billet construction for greater durability and strength than a stock wastegate actuator • Improved response means boost comes on faster and holds longer, with less drop off at high RPM • Interchangeable springs for a huge range of boost levels PART NO. DESCRIPTION PART NO. DESCRIPTION TS-0681-5072 Universal 150mm Actuator - 7 PSI TS-0681-6142 Twin Port Universal Actuator 14 PSI TS-0681-5102 Universal 150mm Actuator - 10 PSI TS-0620-3143 Twin Port Borg Warner EFR B2 Single/Twin Scroll 14 PSI TS-0681-5142 Universal 150mm Actuator - 14 PSI TS-0620-1143 Twin Port Borg Warner EFR B1 Single Scroll 14 PSI TS-0681-4102 Universal M6 140mm Rod Black - 10 PSI TS-0620-2143 Twin Port Borg Warner EFR B1 Twin Scroll 14 PSI TS-0625-1072 Garrett GT2860RS (Disco Potato) - 7 PSI TS-0620-2263 Borg Warner B1 Twin Scroll 26 PSI TS-0625-4072 Garrett GTX28R SR20 - 7 PSI TS-0620-3263 BorgWarner TP B2 Single/Twin Scroll 26 PSI TS-0620-1142 Borg Warner EFR B1 Single Scroll - 14 PSI TS-0620-3142 Borg Warner EFR B2 Single/Twin Scroll - 14 PSI TS-0620-2142 Borg Warner EFR B1 Twin Scroll - 14 PSI Oil Pressure & Clamps Turbo Oil Pressure Regulators (OPR) Constant Tension Clamps 102 Turbosmart’s new patent pending OPR T40 is an oil pressure regulation system for your turbocharger. The oil pressure regulator ensures the oil pressure going to the turbocharger never exceeds the maximum pressure turbocharger manufacturers specify for oil supply, regardless of engine oil pressure. The result is an oil delivery system that is more reliable and easier to setup than a standard restrictor system. Turbosmart stocks and recommends Murray Corporation Turbo Seal Series Stainless Steel Specialty Worm Drive Clamps. • Two per pack PART NO. DIAMETER (INCH) DIAMETER (INCH) TS-HCT-M033 1.125 - 1.500” (28-38mm) TS-HCT-M042 1.375 - 1.875” (35-48mm) TS-HCT-M050 1.625 - 2.375” (41-60mm) PART NO. DESCRIPTION TS-HCT-M062 1.970 - 2.875” (50-73mm) TS-0801-1001 OPR T40 40 PSI - Blue TS-HCT-M075 2.500 - 3.375” (64-86mm) TS-0801-1002 OPR T40 40 PSI - Black TS-HCT-M081 2.750 - 3.625” (70-92mm) TS-0802-1001 OPR -4 AN Fitting Kit TS-HCT-M100 3.750 - 4.625” (95-117.5mm) MOTORSPORT CONNECTIONS WEBSITE www.mscn.com.au EMAIL orders@mscn.com.au