2019 MA Global Careers Report 2019 MA Global Careers Report - Page 6

Transform your career STUDENT STORY Changing location, industry, & function Karin Andersson Swedish Senior Account Executive, Havas SO Masters in International Marketing Class of 2018 Karin made the “triple jump” when she changed location, industry, and function following her Hult masters. What change did you make? I worked as a financial advisor for seven years in Sweden before I came to Hult. I was longing to work in a more creative industry and role. After graduating I landed a job as an assistant account executive for a PR & communications agency in London. “My goal was to make a move from my job as a corporate management assistant at Time Warner Media in Italy to work within the business area somewhere else in Europe. That is exactly where I am today: I got a job as a Lead Advisor for Tesla in Amsterdam, looking after the European, Middle Eastern, and African markets a few days after graduation.” Nicolo Venturini Italian Lead Advisor, EMEA Sales, Tesla Masters in International Business Class of 2014 How did Hult help you make the triple jump? The Career Team was very supportive. We assessed my strengths and weaknesses, went through my background, and looked at creative industries that I could potentially work in. They also created mock interviews and helped me with my resume. I was then introduced to Havas SO in a Hult career fair in London, where I work today. EXPERT ADVICE Making the triple jump A “triple jump” is when you change country, industry, and function at the same time. Achieving it requires great effort and dedication from the outset. Identify your development areas that will enable you to make the switch. Create your unique value proposition and highlight your transferable skills. Utilize your Targeted Job Search Plan (constructed with the help of the Career Development team) to justify the “why” for the jump. Network with connections and alumni in your target function/industry for relevant insights. 3 GLOBAL CAREERS REPORT 2019