2019 MA Global Careers Report 2019 MA Global Careers Report - Page 20

Free your inner entrepreneur STUDENT STORY Goal: change the world Kebone Moloko South African Founder and CEO, QWB + ALLIES Masters in International Business Class of 2018 At Hult, Kebone was inspired to follow her dreams of becoming a full-time entrepreneur. Today she heads up a startup that empowers women in Africa. Tell us about your business. I currently run a resource and business hub for queer women founders and leaders across Africa, with the vision to empower and advance our community through access to funding. How did Hult help you become an entrepreneur? Learning at Hult was not confined to the lecture room. We were encouraged to implement our knowledge through simulations and business cases with coaching from top business leaders and entrepreneurs. During tasks and team assignments, we were often encouraged to get out of the building by our professors, which instilled in us a culture of out-of-the-box, innovative thinking and implementation. Because of this, I was ready to hit the ground running in the job market, or in my case, in the entrepreneurial realm. Finish this sentence: “Hult empowers me to...” Create access for women to a global network of top professionals and business leaders. It’s very rare to find an institution as diverse as Hult is. 17 GLOBAL CAREERS REPORT 2019 “Having an entrepreneurial mindset means challenging the status quo and rethinking the world. Hult is a great environment for entrepreneurs. It gives you the freedom to customize your curriculum and teaches you leadership, team work, and intercultural competences.” Kilian Kaminski & Peter Windischhofer Named on Forbes 30 Under 30 German / Austrian Co-Founder / CEO, Refurbed Masters in International Business Class of 2014