2019 MA Global Careers Report 2019 MA Global Careers Report - Page 18

Keep your career on the cutting edge ALUMNI Lifelong learning Change never stops, and neither should your learning. That’s why we offer our graduates a free elective every year—for life. Refresh your skillset or get up to speed on a new business trend by enrolling at any of our global campuses for just a small registration fee. ALUMNI Alumni hiring Hult talent 400+ Corporate guests on campus. 70 alumni chapters active globally. 23k+ Hult alumni worldwide. 15 Accenture Marc Seipp Heidrick Consulting Loik Narby Amazon Nuno Fontoura LinkedIn Andrée-Anne LeBlanc Apple Sharib Khan PwC Steffen Roggenbach BDO Dongchen Shan P3 Group Laura Vollhardt Deloitte Andrea Klauss Refine+Focus Purnima Thakre Enter Capital Elena Nosova Shell Mohamed ElFatatry EY Sven-R. Braun Tableau Software Claudio Jahate Google Céline Van Lerberghe UPS Brokerage Jean-Louis Cadart GLOBAL CAREERS REPORT 2019