2019 MA Global Careers Report 2019 MA Global Careers Report - Page 16

More than your average network STUDENT STORY A job before graduation GEOGRAPHIES Gilles Dulst Belgian Business Development Associate, Salesforce Masters in International Business Class of 2019 Through the Career Development team, Gilles reached out to Hult alumni who worked for Salesforce and was offered a job interview. Before he’d graduated, he had secured a job with them in Dublin, Ireland, as a Business Development Associate. Why did you choose to do a masters degree? A masters kick-starts your career like nothing else. I landed my job with Salesforce before I’d even finished my degree, which was a dream scenario. Which skills do you think made you stand out from the other applicants? The soft skills: the ability to be confident and sell yourself. These are the skills you’re taught at Hult that will set you apart from all other applicants on the job market. It’s these skills that will get you anywhere you want to go. What role did your classmates play in your success? Your fellow students at Hult will inspire you to work even harder. Hult students have a very distinctive drive and motivation towards goals and the things they want to accomplish. EXPERT ADVICE Maximizing your employment opportunities An early start is crucial to maximizing your options. Identify your goal before anything else. The more targeted you can be early on, the more strategic and efficient you can be with your resume, job search, and relationship-building. 13 GLOBAL CAREERS REPORT 2019 Where do Hult Masters graduates work? North America 44% 34% Europe 9% Middle East & Africa Asia 5% Latin America 4% South Asia 4% EMPLOYERS Top 20 employers Accenture ExxonMobil Amazon Hilti Bank of America KPMG BMW L’Oréal Cisco Oracle Cognizant Porsche Deloitte PwC Domino’s Salesforce EF Education First Staples EY Uber