2019 MA Global Careers Report 2019 MA Global Careers Report - Page 12

Learn more earn more STUDENT STORY Negotiation is key Manuel Jardim de Oliviera Portuguese Marketing Manager, Google Masters in International Business Class of 2012 Since graduating from Hult, Manuel has been growing brands and managing billion-dollar portfolios in the FMCG industry across the world in Shanghai, Dubai, and London. He started out with Henkel and today works as a Marketing Manager at Google. What did you do while you were studying to maximize your employability? I started my job search with the Career Development team. They taught me interview techniques and another very important skill: how to negotiate for your salary goal. Are the skills you learned at Hult relevant to your current role? Today I work as a Marketing Manager for Grow with Google, and the skills learned at Hult are still as useful. Hult has really helped me establish the foundation and soft skills that are needed to navigate complex companies. EXPERT ADVICE Salary negotiation Research salary ranges based on target function/industry/ location—as ranges can vary. Know your value. Understand local/regional tax implications. 9 GLOBAL CAREERS REPORT 2019 SALARY SNAPSHOT Hult Masters salary by region of employment $92,300 Asia* $73,000 South Asia* Latin America $65,100 North America $63,500 Middle East & Africa $61,200 Europe $51,400 *Small sample size, data based on three-year average. SALARY SNAPSHOT What do Hult Masters graduates earn on average by campus? San Francisco $80,800 Dubai $59,900 Boston $57,900 London $53,400