2019 MA Global Careers Report 2019 MA Global Careers Report - Page 10

Break into a new industry or function STUDENT STORY From marketing to finance TRANSITIONS Alexander Capulong Filipino Senior Business Development Manager, Payoneer Masters in Finance Class of 2016 Alexander worked as a Senior Marketing Associate in Manila before joining Hult’s Masters in Finance in London. Alexander now works for Payoneer as the Senior Business Development Manager for Southeast Asia and Asia. Tell us about your new career in finance. I lead the strategic business development function for Payoneer. As the Senior Business Development Manager of the firm, I connect with corporate partners to strengthen the presence of Payoneer as a Tier 1 international payments solution provider. At Hult, I learned to understand the core needs of different stakeholders. What is your biggest takeaway from Hult? The constant networking and frequent teamwork provided me with a strong interpersonal skill set. I am comfortable being dropped in a room full of strangers and can be confident that I will walk out with more than just a few potential business deals. 7 GLOBAL CAREERS REPORT 2019 Which industries do Hult Masters work in after graduation? 17% Consumer Goods Technology 14% Media/Entertainment 14% 14% Financial Services 8% Real Estate 7% Manufacturing 5% Healthcare/Pharma 5% Education 4% Hospitality Transport 3% Government 3% Consulting 3% Energy Non-profit 2% 1%