2019 Legislative Agenda 2019 Legislative Agenda - Page 2

2019 LEGISLATIVE AGENDA ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT, TAXATION AND RETAIL State budget stability and pro-small buisness policy keep communities growing. To maintain community growth, we support pro-business policy directed toward small businesses, economic development incentive programs that keep Oklahoma competitive and long-term state budgeting. We furthermore support best practices in budgeting and honoring existing state spending obligations. • Protect valuable economic development incentives to keep Oklahoma HEALTH CARE A healthy community is essential to growth. To that end, we support increased access to health insurance coverage and uncompensated care as well as the protection of funding sources that draw physicians, nurses and healthcare professionals to the state. • costs by utilizing all available funds and strengthening the Insure Oklahoma competitive • Reduce business uncertainty by supporting a state budgeting process that produces multiyear strategic spending plans, utilizing best practices for agency operations, forecasting revenues, spending commitments and pension obligations • Support continuance of The Investment/New Jobs Income Tax Credit and The Small Business Incubator Income Tax Exemption (both sponsors and premium assistance program • Support pro-business policy that encourages small business attraction, retention and growth • Sustain the growth of the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) industry in Oklahoma by opposing new regulations that place unnecessary burdens on the industry • Continue efforts to ensure a level playing field between community retailers and remote/internet sellers in the collection of sales taxes INFRASTRUCTURE Roads and bridges are as important as the vehicles that run on them. We support the continuation existing highway funding, appropriate use of transportation user fees, and expanded development of the alternative-fuel vehicle industry. Preserve Oklahoma’s state highway funding for the Eight-Year Construction Work Plan and the Five-Year County Improvements for Roads and Bridges (CIRB) Program • Ensure that all transportation user fees are directed to transportation purposes • Support efforts to expand development of affordable and functional natural gas vehicles, electric vehicles and all other alternative fuel vehicles and strategically expand natural gas fueling and electric charging infrastructure Support accepting federal funds to cover the uninsured in Oklahoma to help keep rural hospitals open and allow others to improve their access to care. • Oppose changes to the state’s Medicaid program that limit access to quality health care for Oklahoma’s most vulnerable citizens. EDUCATION & WORKFORCE DEVELOPMENT Cultivation of an educated workforce is critical to the growth of our community. We therefore support the prioritization of education funding for programs addressing Oklahoma’s workforce needs at all three levels of education. In addition, we support local communities’ involvement in local education funding without interference from the state that causes reductions to funding of local schools. • Support teachers in the classroom by funding regionally competitive salaries and providing a career ladder for advancement within the profession • Support funding to complete matching of endowed chairs and professorships • Support and expand access to higher education and Career Tech programs through Oklahoma’s Promise and restore funding to previous levels • • Protect funding sources, incentives and initiatives that enhance and increase the number of physicians, nurses and other health care professionals • tenants). • Increase access to health insurance coverage and reduce uncompensated care Increase awareness and create incentives for more STEM-related educators to meet workforce needs • Support criminal justice reform efforts to strengthen our workforce and protect public safety while decreasing costs within the state’s budget • Support efforts to address the workforce and training needs of the growing aerospace industry, including the protection of the Aerospace Engineering Tax Credit program