Contributors David Super had­to­wear­a­heavy­sweater while­preparing­this­issue’s­feature­story that­pays­tribute­to­the­hearty­folks­who endured­ the­ Blizzard­ of­ ’49.­ Folks­ he talked­with­were­more­than­generous­in telling­their­stories.­­“Hearing­their­tales made­me­appreciate­thermostats­and­storm windows­ all­ the­ more,”­ he­ adds.­ Super grew­up­in­Sturgis,­where­he­started­a­career­as­a newspaper­ reporter/photographer.­ He’s­ now “somewhat­retired”­in­Rapid­City­where he­writes­for­Down Country Roads and volunteers­with­local­historical­societies. Elaine K. Andersen has­ lived­ in­ the Black­Hills­her­entire­adult­life,­writing poetry­and­creative­non-fiction­about­the Western­landscape­and­its­emotional­con- nection­ with­ the­ people­ who­ live­ here.­ She­ at- tended­Eastern­Wyoming­College­and­Southwest Baptist­University­in­Missouri­and­has­spent­many years­practicing­and­promoting­home­education and­teaching­piano.­She­enjoys­reading,­gardening, photography­ and­ road­ trips­ from­ her canyon­home­in­western­Custer­County. Norma Najacht is the editor and pagina- tor of Down Country Roads. A Missouri native and graduate of Dakota Wesleyan University, Norma has won numerous state awards for writing, photography and layout and two national awards for writing. She and her husband, Charley, live outside of Custer. They have three sons and five grandchildren. Her hobbies include painting the scenery, people and animals of the Black Hills region. Lauren Harris grew up reading every book she could find, especially those about history. After college, she taught elementary school and then home- schooled her own children through mid- dle school. These experiences led to a desire for writing her own fiction and nonfiction. She was a contributor to an elementary science workbook for Scholastic and has been a freelance newspaper and magazine writer around the Black Hills for the past several years. If she has spare time after writing, Lauren enjoys baking, gardening and doing research for more stories. She lives on a couple of acres just outside Spearfish with her husband, her three chil- dren, two cats and a Corgi-mix named Millie. Tarin Hartman is a woman saved by His amazing grace, wife to an amazing husband, homeschooling mama to six awesome kiddos and who loves photographing this beautiful crazy thing called life! Her husband gifted her with a Canon Rebel in 2006 and she photographed her first wedding in 2009 and fell in love with get- ting to know the couples and finding creative ways to express their personalities on their special day! Her kiddos are constantly challenging her to come up with new ways to capture their uniqueness as individuals and their family in all its craziness! She loves capturing real life moments, real connection and real emotion. Kate Najacht moved to the Black Hills in June 2014 after living in a small college town in Ohio for 30 years. She earned a bachelor of arts degree in English litera- ture and popular culture in 2004 and worked at an academic library. She loves God and her family. Ron Burtz is writing for a newspaper again after a nearly 40-year break. Right out of high school the Winner native worked two summers for his hometown paper, the Winner Advocate. Then after a few years of reporting news on radio, he became a pastor. Ron served churches in Illinois and South Dakota for 25 years before moving with his wife, Tammy, to Custer in 2017 where he now writes for Southern Hills Publishing, Inc. DOWN COUNTRY ROADS 5