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FLAGLER COUNTY EDUCATION FOUNDATION Flagler County Education Foundation T he Flagler County Education Foundation (FCEF) plays an integral role in bringing support to children and families who might otherwise go without. Their vision is that every student will have the same opportunity to reach his or her highest educational level in order to become a productive citizen. An educated workforce is crucial to any community and FCEF continues to ignite intellect, while also supporting teachers with a focus on producing healthy, confident, educated future leaders. FCEF’s vision includes three key areas of focus including Take Stock in Children, Innovative Teacher Grants & Flagship Programs and the STUFF Bus program. While not the only areas of focus, these programs play a key role. Photo courtesy: Flagler Education Foundation FLAGLER COUNTY EDUCATION FOUNDATION CORE PROGRAMS: Take Stock in Children​​ is a statewide program that provides grants for program staff and matching funds for scholarships. The program has been in existence since 1995 with proven success in helping low-income students reach their full potential through education. With strong leadership in place, we have d ​ onors​​ who make a life changing investment in our children by donating one half the cost of a two year or four year post-secondary education. The other half is paid by tax dollars appropriated by the legislature. Even in challenging financial times, appropriations have remained strong because it works! Currently there are 68 high school students enrolled in the program. In addition to college scholarships students are mentored by community volunteers who meet with their students once a week. Through aligning the Classrooms to Careers programs ​​with targeted industries in our community and region, Flagler Schools has become a meaningful partner in creating a pipeline of talent. More than 8100 students participate daily in more than 20 Flagship programs that focus on STEM skills which are designed to create collaborative problem solvers with strong communication skills. Additionally, nearly 1500 students are enrolled in one of the 63 plus career and technical courses that offer the opportunity to achieve an industry certification while still in school. FCEF immediately went to work connecting community resources and expertise to support project based learning environments that include: Agriculture Aerospace Green Technology Health Science Engineering Computer Science Marine Research Finance and Business FCEF takes community members on school tours twice a month to get a hands on view of the various programs. To schedule your tour, go to www.flagleredfoundation.org. in teachers and students. FCEF provides I ​ nnovative Teacher Grants​​ for classroom projects to engage students preparing them for career exploration throughout their school career. Innovative Teacher grants are awarded to teachers who initiate classroom projects that enhance and engage students to increase their effectiveness. In response to workforce needs, classroom learning has moved away from content based learning to skilled based learning, requiring students to use higher level thinking and problem solving strategies. By engaging students in new and creative ways teachers are able to be more effective in reaching educational goals. S.T.U.F.F. Bus (S​​upplying ​T​​hings​ U F​​ind​ F​​undamental) ​​is an innovative program to bring essential clothing and school supplies to students in need. A converted school bus travels from school to school with shoes, socks, underwear and toiletry items in which all students are eligible for services. The Flagler County Education Foundation is a Direct Support organization for Flagler Schools. We are a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization that has been working since 1990 to engage Flagler County’s community leaders in supporting public education. For more information about Flagler County Education Foundation, or to become a Friend of the Foundation please contact us. FOR MORE INFORMATION Joe Rizzo, Executive Director Flagler County Education Foundation 386-437-7526, ext 3125 www.flagleredfoundation.org rizzoj@flaglerschools.com In addition, FCEF works closely with Flagler Schools to help transform classrooms into the creative spaces necessary to empower innovation Fantastic Flagler Visitor, Newcomer & Resident Guide   89