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FLAGLER’S HIGH-TECH CORRIDOR high-tech Technology has changed the way we work, live and play. Thanks to the global access of the Internet, high-tech companies don’t have to operate out of congested urban areas to succeed. In fact, many high-tech businesses are choosing laidback, coastal communities like Flagler County for their operations. This trend isn’t lost on three businesses that embraced Flagler’s high-tech corridor and great lifestyles: Cardinal Systems, Aveo Engineering and Coastal Cloud. Since Coastal Cloud’s launch in 2013, Tim and Sara Hale’s employees have embraced the philosophy “Live at the Beach. Work in the Cloud.” Staff provides IT support to international and domestic customers all day, but can break away at lunch for a walk on the beach. By supporting leading cloud-based IT solutions, physical location was not an issue for the Hales, so they chose a beachside community for their corporate home and recently purchased the Hammock Discover Center as a permanent headquarters. From unassuming beachfront offices in Flagler Beach, business partners Mike Kitaif and Jane Smith operate Cardinal Systems, a software development company they started in 2000. Cardinal Systems provides leading edge software with a range of technical and innovative applications in the field of photogrammetry and LiDAR. The company’s clients include large corporations, federal and state governments, and aerial survey and mapping companies. As a Flagler Beach native and former pro surfer, Mike is thrilled with the quiet success his company enjoys in a town that is a great place to live and work. Jane agrees and admits that she and her husband chose Flagler Beach because it is an eclectic little oceanfront community with the added bonus of being able to take their dogs on the beach. Serial entrepreneur Christian Nielsen, CEO of Aveo Engineering had yet another year of technological breakthroughs in the aerospace marketplace. Aveo introduced the BorealisV™ visible violet spectrum 405nm disinfection light (NOT UV), with a unique dual mode linear COB led for use in commercial aircraft galleys and lavatories and EMS Air Ambulance helicopters, destroying all virus and bacteria on a continuous basis via harmless natural light, to make flying a healthier and safer experience.  “Flagler County has the major artery of I-95 and a portion of the Northeast Florida quadrant, known as “Aerospace Alley”, running throughoutit. Additionally, nearby to great universities and exceptional quality of life make it easy to attract new employees. Finally, the County has invested heavily in airport infrastructure and “Helga van Eckert and her team make it easy to do business”, stated CEO Nielsen. “We are impressed with the business environment and are confident that expanding to Flagler was the right choice. Having achieved Aerospace Quality Approval AS-9100D from Lloyds Register UK in November 2018, Aveo Florida is now able to expand its operations and facilities and hiring.” With accolades like this, it’s no surprise that Flagler County is emerging as an appealing option for IT and aviation companies. The growth of Flagler’s tech sector suggests that the word is getting out: “From business to beaches, Flagler County has it all.” For more information about moving or expanding your business in Flagler County, go to page 80 for contact information. 82    flaglerchamber.org  •  visitflagler.com