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MOVING TO FLAGLER HOUSING OP TIONS One of the first decisions you’ll need to make is whether to buy a home, build a home or rent a home. Luckily, you have options. A lot of them. Reflecting the community’s diverse population, Palm Coast and the Flagler Beaches has a comfortable mix of single- family homes and condominiums for sale. Homes with golf course or waterfront views can be found in well-planned neighborhoods and gated communities, while other sections contain more mature and affordable starter homes or purchase a lot and build the home of your dreams. HEL P F OR PROSPEC TI V E HOMEBU Y ERS Homebuyers having trouble affording a typical down payment may qualify for assistance programs offered through the City of Palm Coast and/or Flagler County. S TATE HOUSING INITI ATI V ES PA RTNERSHIP PROGR A M The State Housing Initiatives Partnership (SHIP) program provides funds to local governments as an incentive to create partnerships that produce and preserve affordable home ownership and multi-family housing. The program is designed to serve very low to moderate-income families. SHIP funds are distributed on an entitlement basis to all 67 counties and 52 Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) entitlement cities in Florida. SHIP provides down payment and closing cost assistance for eligible applicants. The program funds emergency housing repair and rehabilitation projects in accordance with established criteria and offers mortgage foreclosure prevention assistance as available. SHIP purchases and improves the housing stock for very low to moderate-income residents. The county works with other assistance programs such as Habitat for Humanity, Flagler County Housing Authority and the Department of Rural Development to partner funds. The SHIP program also works with Mid-Florida Housing Partnership Inc. to coordinate an annual housing fair. The City of Palm Coast became a CDBG entitlement city as of 2007. An interlocal agreement was established between the City of Palm Coast and Flagler County for the county to be solely responsible for the administration and implementation of any SHIP funds dedicated to the City of Palm Coast. HOMES TE A D TA X E X EMP TIONS If you own a home in Flagler County and it became your primary residence by January 1, you are eligible for an exemption of up to $50,000 off your assessed value. You may also qualify for additional exemptions such as the Senior Exemption ($50,000) and the Widow/Widower Exemption. The deadline for filing is March 1 for the current year, but you can file for exemptions year round. If you sell your home and buy another, the Homestead Exemption does not carry forward to your new home. For more information, contact the Property Appraiser’s office at 386-313-4150 or www. flaglerpa.com. 64    flaglerchamber.org  •  visitflagler.com MOVE-IN CHECKLIST for residents FIND YOUR HOME & GET SETTLED  T  eam up with a local real estate agent to help you find your dream home - see page 66 Switch on your water and utilities - see page 88  Hook up cable, internet or satellite TV - see page 88 Set up telephone service - see page 88 Arrange for garbage collection - see page 88 Schedule carpet, tile or grout cleaning - see page 106 Find lawncare professionals - see page 107 Keep your air conditioner in top condition - see page 105  S  tay cool, build a pool or have your existing pool serviced - see page 108  S  tore your RV camper, boat or extra belongings at a local storage facility - see page 109  K  eep Florida bugs at bay with a professional exterminator - see page 108  S  ubscribe to a local newspaper or tune in to local radio stations - see page 87 GET REGISTERED  Insure  your car or get homeowner’s insurance - see page 103  A  pply for residential homestead tax exemption - see page 88  G  et your Florida driver’s license and register your motor vehicles - see page 88  R  egister to vote - see page 88  R  egister your kids for school - see page 91  G  et your hunting or fishing permit - see page 66 FINANCES & LEGAL NEEDS  F  ind an accountant or financial planner - see page 97, 100  Open  a new bank account - see page 97  U  pdate your legal documents - see page 100 HEALTHCARE, PERSONAL & PET CARE  F  ind a new physician, dentist and/or chiropractor - see page 84  M  ake sure your pet’s vaccinations are up-to-date - see page 110  Find  your new hair salon - see page 76 EMPLOYMENT & BUSINESS INFO  F  ind a new job - see page 78  S  tart a new business or relocate an existing one - see page 78