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MOVING TO FLAGLER FL AGL ER BE ACH Community: Flagler Beach is the closest I-95 exit to Florida’s Atlantic coast. The quaint seaside village’s laidback, easy charm comes from its wide, pet-friendly cinnamon beaches, surfer-quality waves and friendly locals that wave as you pass. You won’t find high-rise hotels in Flagler Beach. Instead,hotels here have history and a peaceful, eco-friendly old Florida charm, the perfect ingredients to create memories of your own. Nominated by Budget Travel Magazine as one of “America’s Coolest Small Towns,” Flagler Beach’s pet-friendly parks and beaches mean the whole family can get away. The town’s vibe is casual and retro with one-of-a-kind shops, restaurants and lodging options that have allowed the community to retain its charm across generations. A Little History: This once-sleepy fishing village was called Ocean City, before becoming Flagler Beach in 1925. The city recently celebrated its 90th birthday. For 50 years, the Flagler Beach Hotel reigned as the community’s social hub until it was demolished in the early 1970s. A majestic three-story building with a fourth floor penthouse ballroom, the grand hotel was a go-to destination for events and illustrious guests including pilot Charles Lindberg. Lindberg stayed there two nights in 1931 after making an unscheduled landing due to bad weather. When he was able to continue his journey from Miami to New York, Lindberg dipped his plane’s wing over the pier to show his gratitude for the hospitality he received. BUNNEL L Community: The City of Bunnell was originally founded as “Bunnell Colony” and was officially incorporated as a town in 1913 and as a city in 1924. Between 2005 and 2007, Bunnell annexed more than 92,000 acres of land, increasing its size from four square miles to 141 square miles, making it one of the largest cities in Florida. Bunnell is the Flagler County Seat. One of the oldest towns on Florida’s East Coast, Bunnell hosts special events like the Bunnell Bonanza, the Flagler County Fair and the Brian Earl Foster Invitational Bull Riding event. A Little History: Bunnell’s roots date back to 1909 when Isaac I. Moody, Jr. and James Frank Lambert purchased 30,000 acres of land from Georgia Senator George Deen and chartered the Bunnell Development Company. The town’s earliest designation was “the Bunnell Stop” on the area’s first rail route, named after Alvah Bunnell’s cypress shingle mill that supplied wood to passing locomotives. Real estate promoters pushed development of the area bringing in prospective buyers by train from Chicago and points north. A community rich in “Old Florida” history, Bunnell is still loyal to its founding values of community, family and farming. FLAGLER COUNTY POPULATION demographics Source: Applied Geographic Solutions, 2018. Next US Census Data in 2020. TOTAL POPULATION Male 53,633 Female 57,930 48.07% 51.93% AGE DISTRIBUTION 0-4 4,552 5-9 5,169 10-19 11,473 20-29 10,685 30-39 10,368 40-49 11,870 50-59 14,699 60-64 8,874 65+ 33,873 4.08% 4.63% 10.28% 9.58% 9.29% 10.64% 13.18% 7.95% 30.36% ETHNICITY DISTRIBUTION White 83,362 Black 11,784 American Indian 242 Asian 2,807 Pacific Island 50 Other 171 74.72% 10.56% 0.22% 2.52% 0.04% 0.15% Multirace 1,829 Hispanic 11,320 1.64% 10.15% SIZE OF HOUSEHOLD 1 Person 9,380 2 Persons 19,093 3 Persons 6,834 4 Persons 5,003 5 Persons 2,446 6+ Persons 949 21.22% 43.20% 15.46% 11.32% 5.53% 2.15% TOTAL HOUSEHOLDS Households 44,196 Families 32,102 100% 72.64% TOTAL NUMBER OF HOUSINGS Total Dwellings 51,076 Owner-Occupied Dwellings 33,550 100% 75.91% Renter-Occupied Dwellings 10,646 Housing Units Occupied 44,196 24.09% 86.53% EDUCATION ATTAINMENT < Grade 9 2,061 Grade 9-12 5,365 2.42% 6.31% High School 28,831 College 20,694 33.89% 24.33% Associate Degree 7,863 Bachelor Degree 12,871 9.24% 15.13% Graduate Degree 7,375 8.67% Fantastic Flagler Visitor, Newcomer & Resident Guide     63