2019 EMBA Global Careers Report JOOMAG_191030-EMBA-Careers Report - Page 18

Keep yourself on the cutting edge Learn the latest innovation techniques, such as design thinking, and gain insights into disruptive tech like AI, Blockchain, and Cybersecurity. The workplace is evolving faster than we can teach it. That’s why we offer one free elective for life—so you can keep your skillset up to date for as long as your career demands it. STUDENT STORY Refreshing your skillset Luis Chumpitaz Peruvian Publishing & Information Graphics Director, Dubai Media Incorporated Owner, InfografikaCity Class of 2018 Luis was enjoying a seasoned and successful career in the media and communications industry. However, he knew he’d retreated into his comfort zone, and that a skills refresh would bring considerable benefits to him both personally and professionally. What did the EMBA do for you? The EMBA forced me to get out of my comfort zone, deal with the latest trends in global business, apply the newest management techniques, and continuously challenge myself. How did it affect your network? My network and circle of friends have had an overhaul. It’s been refreshing to learn from others in fields that I'm not actively involved in. How has it impacted you professionally? Some classes changed the way I see the world while others further developed my knowledge in areas I previously knew little about. It has changed my approach to my career. Hult strikes the right balance between my career and my other commitments in life. 15 GLOBAL CAREERS REPORT 2019 “Once I had a deep understanding of the tech, I started to think about how to apply it to different industries. This is where my startup Oilchain was born—a blockchain and AI platform for oil and gas. Hult has been a game changer in my life.” Claudio Sperindio Italian CEO, Oilchain Class of 2018