2019 EMBA Global Careers Report JOOMAG_191030-EMBA-Careers Report - Page 14

Boost your global mobility STUDENT STORY Europe, China, U.S.—where next? Angelo Favia Italian Advisor Eli Lily and Company Class of 2016 Angelo isn’t limited by borders—he goes where the best opportunities are. Whatʼs your background? I am a scientist and, prior to Hult, was based in Shanghai, designing drugs for a pharmaceutical company. As soon as I joined Hult, the management in my organization started including me in a number of cross-functional projects with increasing responsibility. And how did this play out? Soon after graduation, my company offered my family and me a relocation package to the U.S. in a role with broader scope and reach. What was the toughest part? It was very intense juggling family, work, and studies. My Hult EMBA was the most challenging but also the most stimulating experience of my life. I didnʼt think I could learn so much, in so little time, while having so much fun. EXPERT ADVICE Maximizing your global mobility Employers report that career progression and promotion into executive ranks is accelerated by demonstrating global work experience. Savvy international job seekers excel at landing jobs by focusing on developing skills that are in high demand and by developing an international network of colleagues and contacts. 11 GLOBAL CAREERS REPORT 2019