2019 EMBA Global Careers Report JOOMAG_191030-EMBA-Careers Report - Page 12

Grow a global startup STUDENT STORY The entrepreneurial leap of faith Monica Muriel Spanish Founder & CEO, Zurita Class of 2016 Juggling motherhood with running your own business and part-time study comes with its challenges. Monica would do it all over again. What led you to Hult? Iʼve been an entrepreneur for most of my professional life. I knew that an EMBA would formalize my credentials and enhance my professionalism. I wanted to be challenged by people who knew more than me about different subjects. Life as an entrepreneur can be lonely. How did the EMBA affect your business? Literally, the business wouldnʼt exist without the EMBA. From practical elements like accounting and finance courses, to the sustainability side, which provided a lot of food for thought, to the capable leader it nurtured within me. And then of course thereʼs the network—some of my best customers are Hult alumni! How did you juggle your business and an EMBA as a working mother? Itʼs tough! You have to prioritize and you have to make sacrifices. But our cohort had such a great vibe—very easy and supportive. You feel energized after every class. I miss that. After the course, you realize how much time you have. “During the program, I connected some dots and transferred a disruptive new business model over to the fine art market. I quit my job and launched the startup even before graduation. The EMBA boosted my self- esteem, my knowledge of other industries and world economics, and gave me a fantastic network to kickstart a completely new life for myself and my family.” Christian Rother German Founder & CEO, Smart-Collectors Class of 2017 9 GLOBAL CAREERS REPORT 2019