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30 training center for American Indians. c uStEr F ArMErS ’ M ArkEt Mt. Rushmore Rd. and 4th St., Custer, SD 605-673-5230 • gdcleveland@goldenwest.net Custer Farmers’ Market, located at Way Park on Mt. Rushmore Rd. in Custer. Every Saturday, June-October, 8 a.m.-12:30 p.m. c uStEr S tAtE P Ark 13329 Hwy. 16A, Custer, SD • 605-255-4515 www.custerstatepark.com • custerstatepark@state.sd.us Home to one of America’s largest bison herds, this 71,000-acre park features scenic drives, fishing, swimming, hiking, camping & four outstanding resorts. c uStEr utV r ENtAlS 25112 Golden Valley Rd., Custer, SD • 605-673-6600 • 888-978-2267 www.blackhillsatvadventures.com • blackhillsatv@yahoo.com We specialize in adventure in the Southern Black Hills of South Dakota. We rent top-of-the-line UTVs of all makes and models to accommodate you and your family. Whether you have two or 15 in your group, we can make it happen. With UTVs that seat two to six people and multiple units, the possibilities are endless. All of our UTVs come with Black Hills National Forest trail passes as well as Custer State Park passes and are street legal. F Our M ilE O lD W ESt t OWN & M OSS c ity 11921 W. Hwy. 16, Custer, SD • 605-673-3905 • fourmile@gwtc.net Experience the Old West as it really was. Family fun. Mid-May through early Oc- tober. F rONtiEr P hOtO 604 Mt. Rushmore Rd., Custer, SD • 605-673-4660 frontierphotos@goldenwest.net • www.frontierphotos.com Provides classic antique portraits and antique style frames. Specializes in large groups, children’s and family portraits. Flash back to the 1840s and have a photo in minutes. g rizzly g ulch A DVENturE g OlF 231 W. Mt. Rushmore Rd., Custer, SD • 605-673-1708 grizzlygulchgolf@gmail.com 18-hole mini golf course. Hours 9 a.m.-10 p.m. h OlliNgSWOrth h OrSES 25470 Stagg Rd., Custer, SD • 605-517-0860 hollingsworth.horses@gmail.com • www.hollingsworthhorses.com Guided horseback riding. Ride where you want on scenic ranch with large gran- ite outcroppings, ponds, wildlife, pines & aspen. Unguided riding for riders who can give subtle directional cues to horses. Open year-round. i NDiAN M uSEuM OF N Orth A MEricA At c rAzy h OrSE M EMOriAl 12151 Avenue of the Chiefs, Crazy Horse • 605-673-4681 crazyhorsememorial.org The Indian Museum of North America is home to an extraordinary collection of donated art and artifacts reflecting the diverse histories and cultures of Na- tive Americans. J EWEl c AVE N AtiONAl M ONuMENt 11149 Hwy. 16, Custer, SD • 605-673-8300 • Reservations: 844-245-6179 www.nps.gov/jeca World’s third-longest cave. Tours year-round, except for Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day & New Year’s Day. Same day tours or next day tours are avail- able; tickets are available on-site on a first-come, first-served basis. Reserva- tions 48 hours and 90 days prior to arrival available for the Scenic Tour. Call 844-245-6179. M AMMOth S itE 1800 US 18 Bypass, Hot Springs, SD • 605-745-6017 www.mammothsite.org • news@mammothsite.org This National Natural Landmark is an internationally-renowned indoor working paleontological site/museum. More than 61 Columbian & woolly mammoths have been unearthed, as well as over 85 other species of associated Ice Age fauna. Hands-on activities for children, an educational experience for the en- tire family. One of the top fossil interpretive sites in North America. M ickElSON t rAil A FFiliAtES 605-440-2400 www.mickelsontrailaffiliates.com • mickelsontrailaffiliates@gmail.com We are a community of outdoor enthusiasts who support the local economy and use of the Mickelson Trail. MTA is a one-stop resource for Mickelson Trail info: where to eat, shop, have fun and stay. It is our misison to promote mem- bers to visitors and residents alike and to ensure a fulfilling trail experience for all. M ickElSON t rAil - b lAck h illS t rAilS O FFicE 11361 Nevada Gulch Rd., Lead, SD • 605-584-3896 www.mickelsontrail.com • mickelsontrail@state.sd.us 114-mile hiking, bicycling and horseback riding trail through the heart of the Black Hills. M OuNt r uShMOrE N AtiONAl M EMOriAl 13000 Hwy 244, Bldg. 31, Ste 1, Keystone, SD • 605-574-2523 www.nps.gov/moru America’s Shrine of Democracy gives a glimpse into the history of the U.S. Open year-round, closed Dec. 25. Evening interpretive program during sum- mer months in the amphitheater is among the National Park Service’s most popular programs.