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29 1880 t rAiN 222 Railroad Ave., Hill City, SD • 605-574-2222 www.1880train.com • office@1880train.com Old-time steam locomotives & vintage cars make several trips daily between Hill City & Keystone. Open early May to early October. Reservations recommended. 1881 c OurthOuSE M uSEuM 411 Mt. Rushmore Rd., Custer, SD • 605-673-2443 www.1881courthousemuseum.com • info@1881courthousemuseum.com Housed in the original Dakota Territory courthouse, the 1881 Courthouse Mu- seum explores the history of the Black Hills and Dakota Territory from 1874 to present day. A DVENturE r ENtAlS 444 Mt. Rushmore Rd., Custer • 605-673-4540 http://adventurerentalssd.com • atv@adventurerentalssd.com We rent scooters, ATVs and bikes; we also have a gift shop. All scooters and ATVs are insured, licensed and all-access. b EAr c OuNtry u.S.A. 13820 S. Hwy. 16, Rapid City, SD • 605-343-2290 www.bearcountryusa.com • pabear@bearcountryusa.com Drive-through wildlife park features North American animals roaming free in their natural habitat. Walking tour of Baby Land where bear cubs, wolf pups & more are on display. b lAck h illS A EriAl A DVENturES 24564 Hwy.16/385, Custer, SD • 605-673-2163 www.coptertours.com • bhaerial@goldenwest.net Offering a variety of helicopter tours from three heliports near Crazy Horse, Mt. Rushmore and in the Badlands. Flying seven days a week from May to Octo- ber, weather permitting. b lAck h illS b AllOONS www.blackhillsballoons.com • 605-673-2520 • info@blackhillsballoons.com May-Oct. Sunrise one-hour flights include champagne toast and first flight cer- tificate. Reservations required. b lAck h illS P lAyhOuSE 24834 S. Playhouse Rd., Custer, SD • 605-255-4141 www.blackhillsplayhouse.com • contact@blackhillsplayhouse.com In the heart of Custer State Park. Professional theatre at friendly South Dakota prices. Reservations recommended. b lAck h illS W ilD h OrSE S ANctuAry 12163 Highland Rd., Hot Springs, SD • 605-745-5955 www.wildmustangs.com • wildhorses@gwtc.net Imagine a place where you can see miles and miles to the horizon. A place where wild horses run free & eagles soar. Call for reservations. b luE b Ell h AyriDE c huck W AgON c OOkOut 25453 Hwy. 87, Custer, SD, Custer State Park • 605-255-4531 www.custerresorts.com b luE b Ell S tAblES - t rAil r iDES 25453 Hwy. 87, Custer, SD, Custer State Park • 605-255-4531 www.custerresorts.com b uFFAlO r iDgE A DVENturES 245 Centennial Dr., Custer, SD • 605-673-4664 www.custerhospitality.com • buffaloridge@custerhospitality.com Roam across the Black Hills on one of our motorized ATVs, mountain bikes, kayaks, or stand-up paddleboards. Whether you’re looking for a day-long ad- venture or a few hours of fun, Buffalo Ridge Adventures has all the outdoor gear you need. There’s an option for every skill level and our experienced staff is here to help and give recommendations. b uFFAlO r iDgE t hEAtEr 370 W. Mt. Rushmore Rd., Custer, SD • 1-800-646-8729 theater@goldenwest.net • www.buffaloridgetheater.com Hosting a phenomenal lineup each summer. Regardless of when you find your- self in Custer, you’ll find amazing shows. b uFFAlO S AFAri J EEP r iDES 13389 Hwy. 16A, Custer, SD, Custer State Park • 605-255-4541 www.custerresorts.com c irclE b c huckWAgON 12138 Ray Smith Dr., Hill City, SD • 605-574-2129 • 800-403-7358 www.circle-b-ranch.com Chuckwagon suppers, cowboy music shows, pony rides, woodcarver, gun- fights, gem panning, wax bullet pistol shooting & gift shop. c rAzy h OrSE M EMOriAl 12151Avenue of the Chiefs, Crazy Horse, SD • 605-673-4681 www.crazyhorsememorial.org • memorial@crazyhorse.org World’s largest mountain carving-in-progress, between Custer & Hill City on Hwy. 16/385, Crazy Horse Memorial Hwy. Sculptor Korczak Ziolkowski & Lakota Chief Henry Standing Bear officially started Crazy Horse Memorial June 3, 1948. Honors the culture, tradition & living heritage of North American Indi- ans. The foundation continues the progress on the world’s largest sculptural undertaking by carving a memorial of Lakota leader Crazy Horse; by provid- ing educational & cultural programming; by acting as a repository for Ameri- can Indian artifacts, arts & crafts through the Indian Museum of North America & the Native American Educational & Cultural Center; and by establishing & op- erating the Indian University of North America and, when practical, a medical