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19 Hills & surrounding communities. r EgiONAl h EAlth M EDicAl c liNic 1220 Montgomery St., Custer, SD • 605-673-9460 www.regionalhealth.org Walk-in clinics in Custer, Hill City & Hot Springs. yMcA OF c uStEr 644 Crook St., Custer, SD • 605-673-5134 • www.rcymca.org Putting Christian principles into practice through programs that build healthy spirit, mind & body for all. iNDuStriAl MiNErAlS P AcEr c OrPOrAtiON 25429 US Hwy 385, Custer, SD • 605-673-4419 • 800-568-2492 www.pacerminerals.com • orders@pacerminerals.com Year-round processing of industrial minerals with two plants located in Custer. Also offering reclamation services in the Black Hills Area. P OWEr t Ech (uSA) P.O. Box 739, Edgemont, SD • 605-662-8308 • www.azargauranium.com markholl@gwtc.net Uranium institution extraction company. We will be operating in NW Fall River County and SW Custer County. iNSurANcE A FlAc & b luE c rOSS /b luE S hiElD 12197 Greens View Court, Custer, SD • 605-673-1053 www.wellmark.com • www.aflac.com • carolperrigo@gmail.com Providing health insurance through Wellmark Blue Cross/Blue Shield, income re- placement insurance through Aflac. Also providing life insurance & long-term care insurance. A MEricAN N AtiONAl i NSurANcE 523 Mt. Rushmore Rd., Suite A., Custer, SD • 605-673-5488 christine.richardson@american-national.com https://mlagents.americannational.com/christinerichardson-16254 Helping people insure what matters most at an affordable rate. Life, health, home, auto, commercial and farm/ranch. c uStEr S tAtE F ArM 302 Mt. Rushmore Rd., Custer, SD • 605-673-4141 www.protectcuster.com • steve@protectcuster.com Open Mon.-Fri. 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Agent Steve Engelbrecht. Offers auto, homeowners & business owners insurance & will offer full-service banking & fi- nancial planning services. F irSt W EStErN i NSurANcE 40 N. 5th St., Custer, SD • 605-673-2214 www.firstwesterninsurance.com • paul.dehaan@firstwesterninsurance.com Insurance for home, auto, business, ranch, health & life. S tArr i NSurANcE i Nc . 38 Mt. Rushmore Rd., P.O. Box 726, Custer, SD • 605-673-3799 • 800-658-2299 amy@starrinsurance.com • www.starrinsurancesd.com Free quotes for insurance on homes and autos. Agents for several companies & can insure most anything. Insurance on homes, autos, businesses, health, life, motorcycles, etc. JEWElry rEPAir F lOrA ’ S J EWElry & W EStErN W EAr 601 Mt. Rushmore Rd., Custer, SD • 605-673-4754 lAuNDrOMAt t hE l OSt S Ock l AuNDrOMAt & t ArA ’ S t AN ’ N 242 Mt. Rushmore Rd., Custer, SD • 605-673-2932 Clean, friendly laundromat, self-serve & drop-off available, free popcorn & coffee,