2019 Custer Area Chamber of Commerce Relocation Guide 2019 Custer Chamber Directory web - Page 11

11 c uStEr c OuNty S EArch AND r EScuE Custer, SD • 605-673-1571 www.custersdsar.com • sbaldwin@gwtc.net c uStEr c OuNty S hEriFF 31 S. 5th St., Custer, SD 605-673-8146 • www.custercountysd.com c uStEr F irE D EPArtMENt 605-673-4080 • www.custerfire.com c uStEr P OSt O FFicE 634 Mt. Rushmore Rd., Custer, SD • 605-673-4248 c uStEr r EgiONAl S ENiOr c ArE 1065 Montgomery St., Custer, SD • 605-673-2237 www.regionalhealth.com c uStEr S ENiOr c ENtEr 538 Mt. Rushmore Rd., Custer, SD • 605-673-2708 www.custersencntr.org • jillkettle@gwtc.net • custersencntr@live.com c uStEr yMcA 644 Crook St., Custer, SD • 605-673-5134 • rex@rcymca.org c uStEr yMcA c hilD D EVElOPMENt c ENtEr 1315 Blue Bell Lane, Custer, SD • 605-673-2222 www.rcymca.org/custer • nicolew@rcymca.org Serving the community’s child care needs for children 6 months thru 8th grade D riVEr ’ S l icENSE E xAMiNEr 447 Crook St., Custer • 800-952-3696 First, second, third Wednesdays of the month. h ErMOSA c ity h All 230 Main St., Hermosa, SD • 605-255-4291 h ErMOSA c OuNty S hOP • 605-255-4119 h ErMOSA F irE D EPArtMENt • 605-255-4747 h ErMOSA P OSt O FFicE 208 Main St., Hermosa, SD • 605-673-4507 r EgiONAl h EAlth A SSiStED l iViNg 423 N. 10th St., Custer, SD • 605-673-5588 www.regionalhealth.com   r EgiONAl h EAlth – c uStEr c liNic 1220 Montgomery St., Custer, SD • 605-673-9460 www.regionalhealth.com   r EgiONAl h EAlth – c uStEr h OSPitAl 1220 Montgomery St., Custer, SD • 605-673-9400 www.regionalhealth.org Range of services to provide health care to the people of the South- ern Black Hills & surrounding communities. S Outh D AkOtA D EPArtMENt OF l AbOr AND r EgulAtiON 447 Crook St., Custer, SD • www.sdjobs.org First and third Thursdays of the month. Main Office: 2330 N. Maple Ave., Suite 1 • Rapid City, SD 605-394-2296 t hE S tOrEhOuSE F OOD P ANtry 66 Centennial Dr., Custer, SD • 605-673-3565 Providing food, clothing and household items to people in need. Open Wednesdays and Saturdays 10 a.m.-1 p.m. uSDA F OrESt S ErVicE - b lAck h illS N AtiONAl F OrESt 1019 N. 5th St., Custer, SD • 605-673-9200 • Fax 605-673-9350 www.fs.usda.gov/blackhills • r2_blackhills_webinfo@fs.fed.us National Forest. cuStEr cOuNty churchES A buNDANt l iFE F EllOWShiP OF c uStEr , SD Meets at the Custer Senior Center • 580-216-4005 A nondenominational church. We believe Jesus Christ through his death on the cross paid for our sins. We are here to minister to Custer and the surrounding communities. Our doors are always open to anyone seek- ing salvation. c rOSSrOADS c hurch 12480 Hwy. 16A, P.O. Box 628, Custer, SD • 605-673-2120 office@crossroadsofcuster.com Join a friendly fellowship, located just one mile east of Custer on Hwy. 16A. Church is affiliated with the Evangelical Free Church of America (EFCA). Meets at 12480 Hwy 16A. c uStEr c OMMuNity c hurch 547 Harney St., Custer, SD • 605-673-4350