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STILLWATER CHAMBER OF COMMERCE 2019 Board of Directors CADE CRAWFORD, Chair Simmons Bank JOHN KOEMEL GARY McCUNE, Immediate Koemel Law Past Chair Camco Home Improvement Vice Chair OSU Foundation JUSTIN MINGES K ACY LITZY President and CEO Stillwater National Standard Chamber of Commerce 6 DREW BEVERAGE, Treasurer ProValue.Net Stillwater Medical Center Foundation Our Daily Bread BECKY TAYLOR, JUSTIN HAZZARD, TERRI COLLIER, Meridian Technology Center BancFirst SHARYL PICKENS, Metro First Realty DANIEL THRASHER, ALEX EVERS, Central Electric Cooperative Stillwater Martial Arts HOWARD AUFLEGER, JEREMY BALE, C-Star Management Aspen Coff ee, Fountain Square ADAM BROWN, Arvest Bank STEVE BROWN, RCB Bank GARY JOHNSON, BRUCE TIFFT, Community Investor ASCO Aerospace SHANNON WILLIAMS, A ARON WILSON, and since then, we’ve opened over 10,000 doors Stillwater Medical Center Greige Goods Wilson Auto Family Oklahoma Department of Career & Technology Education HAILEY PAYNE, Young Professionals of Stillwater REPRESENTATIVE JOHN TALLEY, House District 33 REPRESENTATIVE TRISH RANSON, REPRESENTATIVE TY BURNS, SENATOR TOM DUGGER, DR. DOUG MAJOR, House District 34 House District 35 Senate District 21 PRESIDENT BURNS HARGIS, Fisher Provence could not have maintained its momentum through the years without a strong and dedicated support staff throughout. And without you, our friends and loyal customers, we would not be here. You are the core of our business and we look forward to opening even more doors for you in the future. We appreciate you and everyone who has helped make this possible. We Love Selling Stillwater. Oklahoma State University Meridian Technology Center NORMAN McNICKLE, DR. MARC MOORE, City of Stillwater Stillwater Public Schools MAYOR WILL JOYCE, City of Stillwater COMMISSIONER CHRIS REDING, WILLIE BAKER, Real estate has been good for these people. It has provided the security of homeownership and appreciation in value. Thirty- five years ago the average home price was $59,000 and today it is approximately three times that amount. Like any success story, there are many people who deserve credit. Without the vision and dedication of the city’s leaders through the years, Stillwater would not be the community it is today. Ex-Off icio Board of Directors MARCIE MACK, 35 Years ago we opened our doors... and since then we have had the privilege of opening more than 10,000 doors for people choosing a place they want to call home. Some of those people still live in that original home while others have moved as their needs have changed. Since opening our doors, we have consistently been a leader in real estate and earned the respect of our peers and our community. We have attained advanced professional designations and serve in leadership positions in those organizations. K ARI EASSON B O A R D OF DIR E C T OR S SCOTT PETTY, our doors in the Stillwater area. E X E C U T I V E C OMMI T T E E JAMIE PAYNE, Thirty-five years ago we opened Visit Stillwater Payne County District 2 FISHER PROVENCE REALTORS 904 EAST 6 TH STILLWATER, OK 74074 405.377.1000 www.fprealtors.com