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OUR COMMUNITY ROOTS RUN DEEP Serving Stillwater and Beyond Land-grant universities belong to the people — and Oklahoma State University is no exception. A 64 fter the college’s founding in Stillwater As a land-grant university, providing a high- Following our land-grant mission, OSU is in 1890, Oklahoma A&M College and the quality education at an aff ordable price is our committed to providing the best in educa- responsibility. Our students know their fi nan- tion and research to Stillwater and its people. boom in the number of settlers and students city of Stillwater saw an unprecedented cial future will always be a priority at OSU. — and we haven’t stopped growing since. Through online degree options, extension OSU awards more than $320 million in offi ces in every county in Oklahoma and a With several new and renovated buildings scholarships, grants and fi nancial aid each variety of community programs, the people on campus, OSU students continue to enjoy year. Eighty percent of OSU students receive of Oklahoma, the nation and the world have state-of-the-art facilities, made possible fi nancial aid and 49 percent of graduates have easy access to OSU. by donations from alumni and Stillwater zero debt when they graduated. OSU also has residents. more Oklahoma’s Promise students than any As OSU and Stillwater continue to develop, And the city of Stillwater is growing right other institution in the state. alongside OSU with direct fl ights from Still- As the best value in the Big 12, OSU is com- water to Dallas. This nonstop jet service mitted to helping make a world-class college makes it easier than ever before for current education aff ordable. the tradition of partnership between the two 65 continues to thrive and grow. STORY CONTRIBUTED BY OKL AHOM A STATE UNIVERSIT Y and future OSU students to connect across OSU is committed to providing the best in education and research to Stillwater and its people. the nation and around the world.