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AWARDS AWARDS Large Business of the Year Small Business of the Year Wilson Auto Family Stillwater Martial Arts A M move east of I-35 proved to be the right choice for the Wilson service department will service and repair close to 20,000 vehicles family in 1986. Dathan and Teresa, along with their family, pur- this year. The sales department stocks about 500 new and used vehi- chased the Chevrolet dealership in Stillwater from Barry Smith cles and has a goal to sell 2,000 retail vehicles in 2019. in August 1986. Dathan thought Stillwater would be a great place to raise a family and believed in the Chevy brand. He is a third-generation automobile dealer. Dathan always dreamed of owning a dealership from the time he started dusting cars at his grandfather’s dealership at the age of 7. By the age of 18, he was selling cars. 56 Community service and involvement are paramount to this family business. Over the years, they have been involved with United Way, Toys for Tots, Relay for Life, Harvest II, Payne County Youth Ser- vices, Stillwater Public Education Foundation and many other char- in Stillwater. At inception, Wilson’s was leasing from Charlie Vin- cent. In 1996, Wilson’s started construction on its new Chevy location. With continued patronage and support of the community, Wilson’s acquired the Cadillac franchise in 2008 and the Buick-GMC fran- chise in 2015. A catalyst in the growth since 2012 was the return of Aaron Wilson to the family business. Aaron’s forward thinking was instrumental in the purchase of the Buick-GMC franchise and addi- tional location, which will debut early 2019. Aaron was 9 months old when Wilson’s began in Stillwater. In keeping true to the values of the Wilsons, a new name was adopted The family knows their success is contributed to by a committed staff , and they believe they are an extension of their family. Several employees have been a part of the team since 1986. The Wilson’s kids to once camp was over. To remedy this issue, they began the After Arts, the ultimate goals are to teach life skills, build character School program. In this program, kids get picked up from school and and better the community. Since 2004, SMA has been working with brought to the martial arts studio, where they have snack time, home- students to build their physical fi tness, bully-proofi ng skills and con- work assistance and martial arts classes/games. When parents come fi dence through their martial arts program. They do this by teaching to pick up their children, they have eaten, worked on their homework, classes in an exciting way so kids want to attend. and gotten some exercise! This program allows kids to get activities While the kids are attending class, certifi ed instructors reinforce within the community and especially with customers. They believe the important life skills taught by in providing a rewarding experience that their customers will return their parents and teachers. They and share with others. They are truly thankful for the Stillwater com- talk about the importance of family, munity for its consistent support of their business. believing in yourself and perse- Earn 2.01% 2.01% APY APY Earn on balances balances on below $15,000; $15,000; below .10% APY on balances .10% APY on balances above $15,000. above $15,000. SMA also off ers incredible birthday stand at age 4 and as students get experiences! When you sign up for older, talk about diffi cult situa- a birthday, you can expect to have tions they might fi nd themselves in. a dedicated instructor leading your In summer 2013, due to lower child and guests in a beginner level and mentally benefi ts the kids, but benefi ts the parents as well. The classes started with just 10 campers. There were no video games, Annual Percentage Yield (APY) accurate as of 11/1/2018 and subject to change at the bank's discretion. Rate may accurate change as after the account and is opened. APY of 0.10% Annual Percentage Yield (APY) of 11/1/2018 subject to change at will bank's be paid on entire Rate balance requirements are account not met. least 10 APY debit the discretion. may if change after the is At opened. of card 0.10% transactions and one ACH credit/debit must post to the account in the rewards will be paid on entire balance if requirements are not met. At least 10 debit card cycle, which and begins the credit/debit first business day post of the and ends on rewards the last transactions one on ACH must to month the account in the business day of the on month. eStatements required. Member FDIC. cycle, which begins the first business day of the month and ends on the last business day of the month. eStatements required. Member FDIC. middle school, Golden Oaks and They use examples kids can under- amazing camp not only physically In Stillwater In 324 Stillwater S. Duck S. Duck 417 S. 324 Perkins Rd. 417 S. Perkins Rd. 405.377.7600 405.377.7600 RCBbank.com RCBbank.com grown every year to now pick up at all six elementary schools, the the OSU RISE School. a summer camp program. This Get paid with Get paid with my Interest Checking. my Interest Checking. out of the way so they can spend more time with family when they get home. Starting with just 1 van and 2 schools, the program has vering even when times are tough. summer attendance, SMA began by the business in 2018. Wilson Auto Family has been a family busi- ness from the start and expands that philosophy to its employees. teaches kicking and punching; however, at Stillwater Martial 57 martial arts class, board breaking and obstacle courses. All the set up (plates, cups, napkins, water) and clean up is taken care of so you can show up, have fun and leave without anything extra. The most exciting part for lots of kids no screens, and no headphones, just kids doing martial arts, playing is the opportunity to cut their birthday cake with a samurai sword. teambuilding games, and building relationships. Through word of Even after 14 years in business, SMA still fi nds ways to continually mouth, the program’s popularity has exploded. People were excited improve. Their goal is to improve 1 percent every day so they can to bring their children to a program where their children could grow, off er the best experience to the community as they work to build learn and have fun instead of sitting at home watching TV. Stillwater’s youth into strong and confi dent leaders. As amazing as the summer program was doing, the organization had diffi culties with having to let the staff go at the end of the summer Since 2004, Stillwater Martial Arts has been working with students to build their physical fi tness, bully-proofi ng skills and confi dence through their martial arts program. opportunity to acquire Cadillac, Buick and GMC during its 32 years season. Families also had to look for other programs to send their ities. All these things boil down to a desire to build relationships Wilson Chevrolet employed 18 individuals in 1986 and has grown to 70+ employees. Wilson’s fl ourished as a Chevy store and earned the ost people think of a Martial Arts studio as just a place that